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“You look…..strange.” I said, walking up to Coulter and handing him a beer as he surveyed the club. It was pretty busy for a weeknight, then again, the closer you got to the holidays the more people seemed to want to get drunk and laid. 
“Thanks. You look stupid as usual.” He said, scoffing at me and grabbing the bottle from my hand. 
“Hurting my feelings as usual. What is your pretty little head thinking about?” 
He shrugged. “I'm wondering if we’re going to run out of vodka before Christmas.” 
I smirked. “Are you so mopey about Gabby that you’ve decided to take up drinking Cosmopolitans?” 
He narrowed his eyes on me. “No.” And then he grinned like a moron. “Definitely not.” 
My brows shot up. “What is that face about?” I asked pointing at his head and moving my hand in a circle. 
“Just that I have nothing to mope about.” 
I stared at him for a moment then let a big grin play on my lips, "I know."
His brows raised in surprise as his eyes widened a little as well, "You know?" His words echoed mine and I had to admit that his face right now was kind of priceless.
"I know." I said again, giving him an amused look as I enjoyed the moment. I was genuinely happy that he was back being his usual self but mostly I was happy that I could have my best friend back. I had missed him, despite how cheesy that sounded.
"What do you know?" He asked and his eyes narrowed a little as he took a step closer to me, studying my face suspiciously.
"About Gabs." I said simply and shrugged, my grin turning into a smile. My cousin had always been a great guy and he deserved his happy ending more than anything, his only problem was that he was way too stubborn and Gabs was too, so I wasn't surprised that it had taken them literally forever to work things out.
"That's still generic." He commented but smirked too this time.
"I don't know much, Kori didn't tell me much...we got sidetracked at some point." I said quietly, forcing myself to not think about my girlfriend on her knees. Ugh.
“But what did she say?” Coult pressed again. 
I rose a brow at him “You sound like a teenage girl who was just asked to a dance.” 
He rolled his eyes. “Did she tell Kori we were together…or….” 
I shrugged. “Basically I just heard giddy squeals on the phone.” I laughed and shook my head. 
His grin widened. “She was giddy?” 
I rolled my eyes. “Now you look like a teenage girl too.” I commented taking a sip of my beer. “So what did happen?” I added, wanting to know more not because I liked gossiping, but he was my cousin and my best friend, after months of hearing him whine I wanted the good part now. 
“Well first she yelled at me. Then she wouldn’t stop hitting me…and then-“ 
“You made up?” I smirked at him and he returned the look taking a sip of his beer. 
“Pretty much.” He admitted, leaving it at that. 
“Do you love her?” I asked him, forcing his hand and making him look back at me. 
He nodded. “I do.” He admitted, surprising me.
“Well I guess my I told you so would just cancel out yours then wouldn’t it?” I asked, still looking across the club at Kori who was blowing me a seductive kiss and making my cousin roll his eyes. 
“How is it that we can both see what each other wants but it takes ourselves so much longer?” He questioned. 
I laughed. “It took YOU so much longer. I’ve been with Kor for months.” 
“Oh blah blah.”
I laughed again, amused by his language and his mood in general. It was good to see him like this, just weird since he was almost...cute. And I'd never call Coulter cute. "You know I'm right and the fact that you can't even give me a decent answer? It proves me right."
"It took you two six years to get together." He narrowed his eyes on me, obviously not wanting to admit that he was wrong.
"At least when we found out about our feelings we just got together without losing too much time." I shrugged and took my last sip of beer before setting the empty bottle on the counter.
"How long have you two been together? It feels like yesterday." He rolled his eyes, probably trying to find a way to prove his point but failing miserabily.
"One year and one month." I corrected him, thinking about the great way Kori and I had celebrated our first year together....why couldn't everyday be our anniversary? 
Coulter let a huge grin play on his lips as he watched me closely, "Are you counting the days too?" He teased me.
I groaned, "Shut up idiot." I said flatly.
"The hours maybe?" He pressed on, amused by his own words.
"Too many to count." I sighed and grinned, knowing that there was no way to win in this conversation.
"I bet." He agreed then his smirk turned into a smile, "You two are cute together."
"Cute." I repeated and made a face, not sure about hearing that word from my cousin.
He elbowed me playfully, chuckling like a school girl, "Oh come on, it was a compliment."
I ignored him and bit back a smirk instead, "When am I going to see you and Gabs being all cute? I can't wait to mock you."
Coulter shook his head and smirked. “You and Kori were more disgusting than cute for like a year. I still have 12 more months of that before we get cute” He grinned back at me and I shook my head. “Though now you’re disgustingly cute so not much has changed.” He laughed and reached over the bar to pick up a couple more beers. 
“There is nothing disgusting about Kori.” I said as I looked back at her again, thinking that I found her delicious actually. 
He nodded. “No. I was talking about the time I walked in on both of you and got an eye full of your bare as.s but nothing good of Kori’s” He gave me a look and I shrugged. That was why I always knocked on doors.
“I admit you’re missing out, not that Gabby is bad too look at.” I reasoned, they looked quite alike...only Kori was one million times better. ”But stop trying to see my girlfriend naked now. You’re not single anymore, and Gabriella is a jealous woman.” 
“First of all? I’ve heard very detailed descriptions of your girlfriend naked from Gabs.” He grinned, “Secondly? I'm still single, Gabby still hasn’t dumped her new “boyfriend” she’s afraid of hurting his feelings or something.” 
“That tiny guy she brought back from Spain? She was actually dating him?” I asked him. 
He shrugged. “Apparently….she’s feeling all guilty about cheating on him…..” 
“I'm sure he means nothing to her.” 
He nodded. “Still it’s been like a week…..get it done already and be with me.” 
I gave him a wide grin, still mocking him though I was genuinely happy too. “Are you going to ask her to move In tomorrow too?” I laughed and he rolled his eyes. 
“Oh shut up. I'm surprised you and Kori didn’t elope the last time you went off together.”
"Oh come on you know I'd never get married without you on my side." I joked along with him since there was no other way to confront this kind of subject.
"Is it going to happen soon?" He asked, still in the mood for teasing me apparently, "You know I'm always busy at work, I might take a day off."
"Ha." I said flatly and rolled my eyes before taking a long sip from my beer. "By the time I'll be married? You won't be working here anymore."
"Meaning?" He raised one eyebrow at me.
I sighed, shaking my head, "Meaning it won't happen anytime soon."
"I see..." He trailed off, his face still amused no matter what I was going to say, "Unless you knock her up."
I groaned and glared at my cousin, not finding this thing funny anymore. "Shut up."
"Oh is that any chance?"
"Do you want me to punch you in the face?" 
"You always say that but never do it." He grinned then smiled more genuinely, "What are you guys doing for christmas?"
"Our parents are coming. And don't even try to tease me any further." I warned him, "Kori's going to cook a big dinner, you and Gabs are more than welcome to come...if you'll be together by then." I added, now it was my turn to torture him a little.
“Will there be room for the terrible twosome?” 
I smirked and looked over at him. That might be hard to handle, but nice anyway. “Your sisters are coming?” 
He nodded. “This time? I'm putting them up in a hotel.” He said seriously.
“You’re going to pretend that’s because you don’t want to deal with them but we all know its so you’ll be able to be alone with Gabby whenever you want.” 
He nodded again. “I'm not going to pretend that’s not why at all.” He grinned. “I just got her back I'm planning on being with her as much as I can.”
“So where is she now then?” I teased right before Gabby blew past the front door and walked up to him. Talking about perfect timing. 
She grinned at him and stood on her tip toes to press a kiss against his lips. “Hey gorgeous….” She said pulling away.
“Hey Gabby.” I said, smirking from next to me while Gabby didn’t even turn her head to look at me.
“Noah.” She smiled before kissing Coult again. “How much longer do you have to work….” 
He shrugged. “I close tonight but if you want to help me finish my paperwork…” He trailed off grinning at me.
“Oh god. Please just go home and do that…I don’t need you two fu.cking all over the liquor order forms.” I rolled my eyes and he chuckled as I finally walked up towards Kori. I poked her side, making her jump a little, "Hi cutie."
She wrinkled her nose a little and turned to me, her hands grasping at bottom of my shirt to pull me against her, "Can we go home?" She asked in a purr. There was no way I could resist her when she was so sexy all the time.
I shook my head slowly, not sure about how she'd react to the change of program. "I have to close." I said simply.
"I thought it was Coulter's turn." She pointed out with an eyebrow raised as a pout slowly made its way on her lips.
I nodded toward my cousin and Gabs, who were still kissing like teens. "It was but he's too distracted." I sighed and cupped Kori's face in my hands, smiling as I tilted my head down to kiss her softly. "He deserved to go home." I explained, thinking about all the times when he had done the same for me.
"Don't I?" She pouted more, pressing her body against mine.
"You can go baby." I smirked, pushing her hair off her face and kissing her again. I couldn't help myself.
She bit my lip before pulling her head back, a smirk creeping on her mouth, "And miss the chance to have you f.ucking me on the bar counter? Never."
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