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"Uhm, Lilly? You know that this is a bookshop? How am I ought to get to know anybody here?"
"First of all: You always have to keep your eyes open, everywhere. And second, I just read about book in which a lot of strategies to flirt are recommended. Even for hopeless people like you. We'll try them out now."
As we arrived at the table with the self-help books, we examined the displayed books. From "Discover your inner wild ca" to "Flirting in super markets - Help for Mummies", everything was there. We could eliminate most of it at first sight. Either the titles were too stupid or the content wasn't the tiniest bit appealing. 
"Here!" I turned around and saw Lilly who triumphantly waved with a little blue book. There was a silver silhouette of a couple imprinted on the cover. The title "The best tips for flirting of all the time" was absolutely unremarkable. Lilly had discovered the book by chance under a pile. 
"That was it! It was recommended somewhere", Lilly pondered aloud. "But I really don't know where anymore."
"In the Yellow Press?", I suggested grumpily, not totally convinced so far. 
"Don't be that negative! Come on, we'll buy it." We walked towards the cash register where as luck would have it one of the trainees worked. I didn't even need to look at her to know that Lill had already switched on her 1000 volt smile.
"Hello", she trilled. "I'd like to buy this book." With those words, Lilly put the book on the sales counter. The boy examined it in disbelief. "May I ask what you want with that?", he inquired. 
"That'll stay my secret", she answered and payed. "If it doesn't work, can I return it?"
"Well, actually no. But if you show me the sales ship, I might be able to get the money back for you. By the way, I'm here each Tuesday and Thursday, at leads at the cash register", he added.
"I'll keep that in mind, thanks." With that, Lilly said goodbye to her new admirer. He totally forgot to close the cash register because of the conversation, as well as his mouth. I nearly dragged Lilly out of the store. Outside on the street, we opened the bag. But before Lilly could start reading out the book, I stopped her. 
"Come, let's drive to my house. If we want to do this, we need to do it the right way." Lily nodded approvingly and we headed towards our bikes which still stood nearby the café. As we got nearer, I noticed that my bike had a flat tyre. 
"Super! That was the one thing missing in my oh-so-amazing day." I pointed towards the tyre. "It's possible that I drove into some broken pieces of glass again."
"And now?", Lilly asked and took a closer look at the damage. "If you wheel the bike, we won't be able to test any tip today. In addition, I also need to do some homework."
"How'd you like it if you start our projects fully tomorrow? We could meet up again then. And I'll organize a repair kit or I'll really need to walk." "Great plan! Tomorrow here, same time?" "You can turn up at mine and after that we'll switch to this location. See you!" We hugged and Lilly cycled away with her hair waving behind her. 
I examined my bike frowning. Where was help when one needed it?
"Hey, is everything all right?", I heard a voice behind me. This question was the answer to my thoughts. "Hello?"
The boy waved is hand un front of my face. One could easily think that my dream guy stood in front of me and that I wouldn't need the book at all now. The first part was correct. The boy looked like the total cliché. He was big, even bigger than I which was unordinary. His blonde hair was a total mess. Either he hadn't combed them at all or he ad spent hours in front of the mirror to get them this way. But what caught my eyes most were his dark brown eyes which looked at me in confusion. He had an insecure smile like he didn't know whether I was mentally unstable or addicted to drugs. And someone like him wasn't my Mr. Right. Maybe this thought defrosted me out my paralyzation. 
"Sorry, I was lost in thoughts", I mumbled.
"Do you need any help?", he asked again kindly. I noticed his loaded tablet which he pushed from one arm to there other. At a closer look I recognized his apron, a uniform which the waiters in our favorite café wore. 
"Are you new here?", I blurted out without responding to his question. "I mean, I never saw you before and I tend to spend a lot of time here", I stuttered. 
"Yes, that's right", he laughed. "Last week, I moved to this city and was lucky to find a job right away. By the way, I'm Leon and I were able to do so, I'd like to shake hands with you which I obviously can't, you see", Leon stated and pointed with his chin at the overloaded tablet. 
"Oh, I'm sorry! You have to get back inside for sure. I'll handle this on my own."
Leon placed the tablet on the floor and kneed down next to my bike. 
"That's just a tiny flaw. If you want me to, I can repair your bike in a second and then you can get away… what's your name again?"
"Charlotta. And thanks, that'd be great. But I don't want to hold you back, you must have work to do."
"I'll tag those five minutes along in the evening, don't worry. I'll be back in the blink of an eye."
Leon picked up the tablet and walked back into the café, not without throwing smiles a some female guests. I shook my head and unlocked my bike lock, pretty sure Leon wouldn't come back anyway.
"Hey Charlotta, wait!" There here was again. I turned around in surprise. He had taken off the apron and carried a repair kit. I wouldn't have thought to see him ever again. 

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omg this is so beautiful<33

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absolutely breathtaking dear!!!!!!!!!!!

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this is magical, my dear! -- such perfect, perfect colors :)

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