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1) What are some pet names you call your 'pet'?
haha you know the usual, like "sweet precious baby angel prince." (this probably doesn't mean my literal pet but I don't have any other one ha) 

2) Name two OTPs
god um this was hard. I don't really have OTPs (I had to look it up once actually) but Mark/Jez (a friendship OTP lol) and uhhh Walter White/Meth.

3) What song do you think would make for a good action scene?
I always thought "High Blood Pressure" by the Shadows of Knight would be an awesome murder montage song.

4) What's your Amortentia? (Harry Potter ref)
ooh I had to look this up but it sounds cool. maybe ozone, leaves, and cocoa butter idk

5) Who would play you in a movie?
I can't think of anyone who looks like me... uh I'd play myself ha 

6) Who would play your lover and/or best friend?
best friend: young Sheryl Lee if she were an angry punk rock feminist heh

7) What's your Harry Potter House or Game of Thrones house?
I did a Game of Thrones house quiz and I got Arryn. idk what that means but it sounds cool.

8) Least favourite colour?
that color of beige that they always make boring non-cute bras in. you know what I mean (i have one in that color too bleh)

9) If you could become fluent in one language, which one would you choose?

10) Favourite accent?
I like Scottish and New Zealand accents. I think some Southern USA accents are really cute too.

11) Which Disney movie has the best soundtrack?
the Lion King maybe idk

my questions:
1. If you could instantly be super good at any one instrument what would you choose?
2. Would you rather never be able to read a book again or never be able to write again? (with the exception of schoolwork)
3. favorite animal?
4. favorite food?
5. If you could have any pet what would you choose?
6. favorite band with 3 members or less?
7. Do you believe in any sort of consciousness after death?
8. An album that you could listen to over and over again and never get tired of it?
9. Do your friends have the same interests as you?
10. Where would you live if you could live anywhere?
11. Would you ever give up the internet? 

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