cand ingerii pleaca by nane


Bio:Who's Raphaella?With her long,golden locks and her angelic face,the features that give her the aura of an angel,many say she's one.To everyone's surprise she's the opposite,a demon.Born to Magdalena,a German lawyer of Romanian descedent and Satan,she known how her life was going to be.She known that a moment,she will have to leave her 'normal' life and get educated at TCA.But let's get back at her biography.
Raised in an overly religious house (despite the fact her father is Satan),Raphaella was the opposite to what she should be.A quite,inocent child.A good,good soul that later will taint.
Growing for her wasn't hard,but for her parents seeing her grow,and approaching the age of 18 was just painful,as they known what will happen.
When she found out about her true identity,Raphaella felt disgust towards her parents,but mostly towards her mother.Now a serious,sarcastic and savvy young lady she's ready to face everything that she will encounter at TCA.
Job:Student,Tamer Trainee

Likes:intelligence,military history,lingvistics,plastic arts,italian rennaisance,wine,rock music,thigh-high stilletto boots,leather,mihai eminescu's poetry,foreign languages,blood,angels.
Dislikes:demons,TCA,cheaters,liars,annoying people,insanity,herself,being traped at TCA,how powerful she can,most of the people around her.
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