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[Taken from a roleplay I do on Tumblr]
Sasha loved it here in L.A, everyone was so nice, all the celebrities were all close friends, the city was beautiful and there was alot of things to see and do! Sasha questioned herself on why she had been staying in New York all this time as she applied one more layer of her pale pink coco chanel lipstick. She checked her reflection in the mirror one last time before grabbing her iPhone, chanel bag and walking out of her house. Today she was going out on a date with Liam Payne! Many other girls would kill to be her, but Sasha simply didn’t understand the fuss, he was a nice, guy, cute even but they were only going out as friends, but who knows what could happen at the end of the night?
Sasha rummaged through her bag, finally finding the keys of her silver lexus that had some how fallen right to the bottom of her bag. The sushi place was only 5 blocks away, but being in a new city and not knowing the area, plus the fact that you were walking by yourself at night where you could easily face a sticky situation, no Sasha didn’t think of it. She started up her car and inmatter of 7 minutes Sasha had already arrived.
She sashayed into the restaurant her pica summer fragrance following her as she went up to request a table. “Table for two please, somewhere nice quiet and private?” She said not sure of her own words, She was on date with Liam Payne and since the paparazzi here didn’t much care for Pretty Little Liar’s starts, imagine what would happen for a 1D member. Sasha’s head nodded as she was shown her table and she took a seat, picking up a menu with her coco buttered hands and eyeing it.

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
@onebeautifulnightmare Thanks! xo

Wrote two years ago
love it! ambrosio :)


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