Okay this name was given to me by my lovely bambi POLYPAL Dutchconnection
but sadly it is already a TRADEMARK for Matel, barbie :( But any Whoot, DC's idea for me was to create a candy magazine with lots of yummy things, so let's pretend i can still do it and use that name, Create a set or should i say a SET COVER for a pretend magazine called "CANDY GLAM" , show me how glamorous candy can be, u can use only a model, outfit, but it has to look like a MAG.cover with the words CANDY GLAM and it has to have CANDY..anything else is up to you..Don't worry i'm not making a magazine group, this is just for this contest. LOL! 10 winners, and yes i will make sure 10 winner slot is up, one week , never ending buffet of entries. Winner will become groups icon after two weeks, because that is how long last winner will stay up..but the winner will be featured in my blog....lalalala so let me se the CANDY GLAM!!! yummy
CAndy GlAm!! by ♥✿PaintHead

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