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  • Colonna Ginger Infused Olive Oil
    Colonna's Ginger Olive Oil is crafted from olives grown on an Italian estate that the family has farmed for over 200 years. Its distinctive character comes from a signature blend of hand-harvested olives that have been expertly milled with fresh ginger root from the Far East. Notable for its piquant, spicy flavor, this extra-virgin olive oil is a wonderful complement to your favorite Asian specialties – from stir fries, curries and salads to rice and noodle dishes. It's also great drizzled over lentil soup, roasted meats and steamed vegetables. 8.45 fl. oz. Made in Italy.
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  • 6.7-oz. Fiesta Salsa Mix
    Whip up a batch of homemade salsa in minutes with this time-saving packet of Ball® 1.6-oz. Fiesta Salsa Mix. Fresh tomatoes come alive when you combine them with a dash of vinegar and a generous sprinkling of this flavor-infused mix, or you can make the preparation process even faster and easier by using it on canned tomatoes. Use up that bumper crop of tomatoes by putting up some jars of freshly made salsa, so that you can enjoy that fresh-from-the-garden taste all year round. The mix includes dehydrated bell peppers along with robust garlic, fiery jalapeno pepper and bold onions, so you can keep it simple, or you can add your own fresh ingredients, such as cilantro, lime juice or cumin, to make your own unique salsa blend. An included recipe gives you helpful tips on how to adjust the heat to your liking, and the salsa can be eaten immediately or stored for later use. Dip salted tortilla chips or sliced veggies into a finished bowl of salsa, or use the salsa to add a splash of Mexican flavor to rice, chicken or scrambled eggs. Combine diced tomatoes with the mix if a chunky salsa is what you crave, or give drained tomatoes a quick whirl in a food processor first for a smooth, restaurant-style dip. Features: Makes two 16-ounce jars. Kosher certified Origin: United States. Size/Capacity: 6.7-oz.
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  • Terre Exotique In the Dunes of Merzouga Spice Mix
    Terre Exotique In the Dunes of Merzouga Spice Mix is packed with flavor--cumin, chili, pepper, and ginger--and a little goes a long way. Not just for soup; sprinkle over potatoes, sauteed vegetables, or rice dishes.
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  • Crate & Barrel Secret Garden Minnesota Minestrone Soup
    Anne Morgan's vegetarian kitchen, based on her organic farm, puts out wholesome mixes for delicious home-cooked meals that can be customized for carnivores. This quick-cooking, Northwoods take on minestrone is loaded with dehydrated fresh vegetables, easy to prepare and delicious to eat with a clear conscience (it contains no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives, MSG or aspartame). Replacing the traditional pasta with wild rice makes this zesty soup gluten-free.
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  • Williams-Sonoma Ground Turmeric
    A favorite culinary ingredient since ancient times, turmeric is the rootstalk of a tropical plant in the ginger family. This historic spice is prized for its rich golden hue and pungent flavor, playing an important role in everything from Indian curry powder to traditional American mustard. Our freshly ground turmeric adds bright golden color and pungent flavor to Indian and Southeast Asian recipes, including curries, soups, rice, vegetables, tagines and lentil dishes. Turmeric is also a traditional ingredient in homemade mustards and relishes. This premium, all-natural spice is sourced from India by a family-owned artisanal spice company in Northern California's Napa Valley. 1.8 oz. Product of India.
  • Italian Double Concentrated Tomato Paste
    This classic tomato paste gets its bright, intense flavor from tomatoes ripened under the Italian sun and prepared within 12 hours of harvesting to capture their natural sweetness. A century-old company in Parma makes the paste for us using a traditional recipe that calls for extra reduction-the secret to creating a super-concentrated tomato flavor and a rich, smooth texture. Use it as a flavorful base for homemade pasta sauce, pizza sauce, stews and soups. A little bit goes a long way; the resalable tube allows you keep the remaining contents fresh for later use. 4.85 oz. Made in Italy.
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  • Colonna Peperoncino Infused Olive Oil
    Colonna's Peperoncino Olive Oil is crafted from olives grown on an Italian estate that the family has farmed for over 200 years. Its lively character comes from a signature blend of Merken smoked chilies and local Italian chile peppers, expertly infused in Colonna's extra-virgin olive oil. The resulting condiment is a beautiful reddish-gold oil with a subtle peppery kick – perfect for drizzling over everything from pizza, pasta and garlic bread to hearty homemade soups and stews. 8.45 fl. oz. Made in Italy.
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  • We Rub You Spicy Korean BBQ Marinade
    Showcasing the spicier side of Korean cuisine, this hot and tangy marinade features the quintessentially Korean ingredient gochujang-a fiery paste derived from fermented chiles. Made in the USA from all-natural, vegan ingredients, this sauce contains no MSG, high-fructose corn syrup or artificial ingredients and is delicious on just about everything. A portion of the proceeds from each bottle is donated to help stop human trafficking and to help rebuild the lives of survivors. Manufacturer: We Rub You. Includes: 15 oz. Ingredients: Soy sauce (water, soybeans, wheat, salt), sugar, rice, apple juice, corn syrup, apple cider vinegar, water, granulated garlic, minced garlic, salt, red pepper powder, sesame seeds, sesame oil, steamed rice powder, alcohol, garlic, granulated onion ginger powder, ground black pepper, onion, koji. Use: Shake well before use. Refrigerate after opening. Allergen Statement: Contains soy and wheat. Made in USA.
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  • Olivelle Pasta Rocks
    Salting pasta can be a bit tricky; too little and your noodles come out bland, too much and the salt overpowers both noodle and sauce. Enter Pasta Rocks. These large hunks of hand-harvested Himalayan salt perfectly salt water without the need for guesswork. For perfectly salted liquid that’s great for cooking rice and pasta, blanching vegetables, or brining meats, simply drop one into a pot of boiling water, boil for two minutes and remove for future use. Manufacturer: Olivelle. Includes: 6½ oz. Ingredients: Himalayan pink sea salt. Made in USA.
  • Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin Braising Base
    Roasted pumpkin and a classic medley of warm fall spices give our hearty sauce its rich character and delicate sweetness. For extra depth and complexity, we’ve added savory chicken demi-glace, sweet apple cider and a splash of tangy apple cider vinegar. Just combine the sauce with sautéed chicken, then transfer to the oven to finish cooking. Serve your braise with freshly cooked pasta, polenta or rice. 1 lb. 8.5 oz. (serves 4-6). Made in USA.
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  • The Meadow Amabito No Mishio Salt
    Just a sprinkle of our finishing sea salts from The Meadows, an artisanal food purveyor in Portland, Oregon, can radically enhance and balance the flavors of foods and bring out subtle sweet and savory nuances. This Amabito No Mishio is of a category of shio salts, ancient sea salts that are evaporated with seaweed and crystallized over fire to create an exceptionally fine grain. Ample trace minerals give the salt tremendous body, a well-rounded flavor and umami, the meaty, savory flavor that the Japanese refer to as the fifth basic taste along with sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Use as a cooking or finishing salt for fish, rice, roasted potatoes, pasta, red meat or pork. Or sprinkle it over chocolate desserts such as a soufflé to highlight subtle sweet fruity flavors. Taster: 0.9 oz. Small: 1.7 oz. Packaged in USA; sourced from Japan.
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