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Thursday: Today is a free day, classes aren't being held because the detectives are still trying to find a lead.

I sat idly outside of the head master's office, waiting for my turn. All of my other friends, it seemed like, had already talked to the detectives, even numerous times. The Billings were the first ones to be questioned, but they had apparently forgotten about me. 

"Miss Jackson, you may come in now," a stout lady with dimples and light hazel eyes told me. I stood up from the bench, wondering if I'd rather be in algebra right now or getting questioned about a murder.

Caroline's murder, to be exact.

"Hello, Mariam," the detective said breezily as I sat hesitantly across from him. "Coffee?" he asked, gesturing behind him. i shook my head simply, already feeling uncomfortable. 

"Well, I guess we ought to get down to business, now don't we?" he smiled to himself. I forced myself to let out a flicker of acknowledgment in his direction. The way the others had talked, this seemed like a different detective than the one who had interviewed my class mates. 

"So, were you acquainted with Caroline?" 

I bit the inside of my cheek before answering. "Not really. We were both sophomores and she was in my chemistry class, but we never talked much. She... Was in a different crowd."

"How so?" he asked, jotting down some things with a furrowed brow.

"She was kinda in to that Ethan Lamer guy," I offered, though I barely knew anything about their relationship. "I don't know, he didn't seem like a very, um, nice person to me."

"Nice... As in personality wise?" 

"Sure," I said. But then, "I mean, I didn't know him. But I'm pretty sure he skipped class a lot and went to lots of parties and things."

"Did you go to any of these... parties?" the detective smirked slightly, probably knowing the answer. I didn't really look like a party girl, even if I was in Billings now.

"Not usually," I said, shifting my legs. "I did go to a few."

"Did you ever see Caroline at any of these parties?"

"No," I shook my head. "If I ever saw her, it was at school or talking to my friends." I used the term 'friends' lightly, since I was talking about Noora and Yasmin and Ara. Bijou I counted as a friend, I thought.

"What friends?" He was writing more things in his notebook, but I didn't dare try to read them.

"Just the other Billings girls: Noora, Ara, Bijou, and Yasmin." I sighed. "I think they wanted Caroline for Billings, maybe secretly."

"Billings... So how long have you been in Billings?" he asked, and I could tell he wasn't used to the fact of someone referring to a dorm as just 'Billings', the most prestigious of Easton.

"About a month now, I think."

"And were you in Billings when Caroline was found dead?" 

"Yes..." I raised an eyebrow. 

"So you were on the Easton campus last week?"

"Oh! No, I was in St. Barth's with everyone else," I replied, laughing nervously. "I don't know of anyone that was on campus. Well, except the boys I guess."

"I see." He scribbled some more before glancing up at me. "Thank you, Mariam. You may go back to your Billings."

It was almost as if he was mocking me, but I took the chance nonetheless and about sprinted out of there. When I arrived back to my dorm room, I collapsed on my bed, wondering what had happened to private schools these days, infested with cases of teenage murder. 

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