-How I imagine the following character to think.

Summer de Force ☪ STORE MANAGER ☪ (25)
Birthday - February 9th - Aquarius
Hometown; Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, CA
--Summer de Force is a whirwind--and she’s always been like that. Controlling, ambitious, and ruthless, she was a natural for going to business school and studying marketing--potentially the most evil thing in this capitalistic world. Though she grew up privileged, she isn’t spoiled so much as she is a delusional megalomaniac whose sense of purpose is so that she thinks she improves the lives of everyone she talks too. Not at all like the laid-back artsy crowd of CAT, she stormed in one day with a list of things that needed to change, and intends on making this establishment larger than life--she intends on making California Art and Tattoo’s reputation be greater than what’s been seen in magazines. She may seem like all business, but Summer’s private life gets stranger and darker as you dig deeper--despite all she does to keep everyone else floating financially, Summer is six-figures in debt, blacklisted from her own family, and living in an apartment in Garbage Grove. She insists on shopping unrealistic amounts to keep up appearances, but this is only getting her into more trouble. And though her binge-drinking, casual-sex having days of college are behind her, dear Summer is desperate for money. And there are a lot of not-so-kosher ways of getting it in this city, and she’s prepared to exploit them all to save her own a*ss. Not that she'd even show it, ready each morning at 7 to conquer the world with a triple shot iced machiato and a smile that could cut glass.
(Julie Ordon)
TAKEN BY; @ducktape


- Answer these questions in character;

▪ How long have you been tattooing (or piercing)? What's your experience?

Oh, I don’t tattoo or pierce. Sorry to disappoint [except not really. I hate when people say that, as if their opinions and actions are the most important thing in the room and we are all weeping because they don’t coincide with the majority. I really don’t care if I’ve disappointed or not; it’s not my job to care.]. I went to UCLA and double-majored in business and marketing with a minor in finance. If that makes me sound like your boring bald uncle Jack who may or may not be a pedaphile, then you need to get your stereotypes out of the gutter. You can have your MBA and still be a fabulous b-i-t-c-h--even more so, I think. And I mean b*tch in the good way, obviously. Even though the Stark sisters may not initially agree. My job at Cal Tat is to create order in chaos. It may be the vision and baby of its artists, but it /needs/ someone like me if it wants to survive--artists are too busy being artists to see the big picture. I have been the manager here for four months now and when I first arrived with a Prada bag and a lit cigarette down to it’s last, the place was a mess. I have a belly button piercing left over from a drunk spring break in Cabo six years ago, and at least 9 between my two ears, but maybe I just don’t ‘get’ the scene enough to see how a ramshackle business could be such a legend. What I realized, it that is was half hype brought on by the Tattoo magazines--I did my homework, personally interested or not--and the rest was in K Stark’s ego. But, after looking over their books, I explained to her that this place was going to go under if we didn’t get our sh*t together. And that’s where I, voted most likely to be an evil marketing genius by my peers, am essential.

▪ How is your relationship with the Stark sisters?

Kat and I come from different worlds, and when I ‘invaded’ her’s she hated me on the spot. Actually, she still hates me, for the following reasons:

1.) I am six years her junior and so therefore, in her mind, I am completely unqualified to tell her what to do, not to mention that /she/ is the owner and /sheeee/ should have executive final decision. The younger Stark sister pointed out that she does that to her as well, having the requisite big sister mentality and all.

2.) I was born a privileged white girl who went to college and has a master’s degree. I am literally the Devil to a girl like Kat [even though Tatum and I, it turns out, went to the same Private High, only two grad classes apart. Not that we knew it then.].

3.) I am bringing upon change. And I understand that change often means killing your darlings--or in this case the baby of another. She is clinging to the old just because it’s her’s--and not seeing the potential of where this business could be. She is resisting change, and since I am it’s advocate, she is resisting me.

But, as it goes, I did save her butt from bankruptcy in the first month of my working for her, so, even though she hates me, she grits her teeth and tolerates me and my ridiculous sunglasses and smoking problem and keeps me on the payroll.

▪ What do you expect to get out of working in CAT?

Well, experience. Obviously. I got my MBA a year ago; you’d think a Beverly Hills Blonde would be prone to trust funds and freeloading, but my dad comes from California New Rich mentality--that is, he believes everyone should work hard to find their fortune. It’s all so very Gold Rush. I was raised to be independent and ambitious, and so even though most my college tuition was paid for, I still worked internships and part-time retail stints through it. And now, I suppose, I could easily use my family’s business connection to obtain a job at a more prestigious institution as some marketing peon--even that would make me more money. But, that’s just not my style. I like projects. I like leading. I saw an opportunity available here when my best friend Maurice [who is female, and covered in ink], dragged me to come watch her get the color on her sleeve done. I happened to overhear an argument regarding financial difficulties, and stepped right in with advice, and left what turned out to be Kat with my business card. She probably would’ve tossed it had her previous manager not gone completely MIA without any warning two weeks later. I responded to her SOS, and got my tools out set to work. Project time! Jazz hands and all.

▪ Where do you see yourself in five years.

Not managing a tattoo parlor. Look, it’s not that I don’t enjoy this project--I enjoy every challenge--but like I said, I was raised to be beyond ambitious. I see myself rising like sun towards every next endeavour. And to be completely honest, I see myself living in a stunningly gorgeous beachside mansion in Laguna or Newport Beach, long-term dating, but not necessarily ever contemplating that whole settling down at 30 thing that so many are into, an incredibly attractive cowboy who drove his pick-up all the way from Kentucky who’s completely opposite me in personality and affluence. I will be running my own company then, perhaps one that offers its services to only the top notch companies--you know, the ones that pay the big bucks. I want to have a large dog and a lot’s of ‘me-time’ that involves shopping, running a side-project etsy store, and attending all the most cultural events of Orange and Los Angeles county. Oh, and I look not a day over 25.

There is no doubt in my mind that this is not going to happen.

- Answer these questions out of character;

▪ Why do you think you should get the part?

Well, I have a character planned that’s quite the opposite of all these skateboarding tattooing grunge-wannabes [that sounded offensive, I didn’t mean it to be] which I think would offer an interesting dynamic to this roleplay. Summer de force does not drink or do drugs, but she’s constantly going 100 miles per hour on nicotine and caffeine. She’s kind of a weird character--I plan on having her have lots of sexcipades and get involved in some white-collar crime at some point. Oh, and I definitely see her as Kat’s rival, which I feel is essential for there to be *drama*. Actually, I imagine that no one in the parlor likes her much. Which is the point. I should get this part not only for those reasons, but also because I have been roleplaying on polyvore four 4 years and have done probably almost 100 roleplays and I have proof that I can write and be active.

▪ How active will you be?

It’s almost summer, so I am going for 2 sets a week, depending on the number of events there are.

▪ How inspired are you for this role?
I am very inspired. I like my character because I made her ridiculous and I made her Julie Ordon, which is a model I’ve been meaning to use since the dawn of time.
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