I can't believe I did this. *I can't believe I did this!* Mother would be so furious. That's OK though, I mean what she doesn't know won't kill her. Oh my gosh. This would kill her. *This is so fun!* I, am a horrible daughter. I'm going back.

*I am never going back!* I am a despicable human being. *Woo-hoo! Best. Day. Ever!*
Vol. 10 In the Disney Collections [Just in time for Christmas Eve!]

*Unsatisfied with the immense amount of Disney princess inspired collections, I finally have decided to embark on my own. All will be Disney based, and after the first 11 official princesses I plan on doing more characters. Inspiration was drawn from the style of the film, and the personality of the character, rather than the exact looks of her outfits or even exact color.
Punzie! My thoughts behind her wardrobe were simple: modern, bright, youthful, girly, a hit of that Juicy Couture kinda prep but nothing too disgusting. She just seemed the most modern of all the girls, even if she's in a medieval fantasy world setting. I included items that reflected her need for freedom, wanting to keep her outfits fairly casual at first. I know she doesn't wear shoes but if Punzie was in this world I imagine she'd go outside with shoes. She probably would take them off though, at some point. So all shoes are tentative, really.


Wrote two years ago
i'm speechless this is perfect

Wrote two years ago
seriously my favorite disney movie
this is gorgeous

Wrote two years ago
i love you i love this ohmahgerd

Wrote two years ago
so cute and perfect! I love this collection :) ♥♥♥♥

Wrote two years ago
stunning collection!


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