-the sound
-the 1975 

hey hey babes 

today i got top set and im so happy i dont know how it was a top set because it looks really well excuse my french crappy 

and as for this set i really like it i always see female celebrities wearing this out and about and im obsessed with this look and i would never pair anything with boyfriend jeans because im a skinny jeans girl myself but im thinking of getting some boyfriend or mom jeans because im trying to be trendy now apparently 

i really have nothing going on today bu t i might go and study at my friends house later on in the evening 

i have my physics test tomorrow and im not really nervous because this effects our classes currently i am in set three out of the seven classes. seven is the lowest and one is the highest so im pretty proud with myself. i also took my chemistry test and got seventy out of eighty and on my biolagy i got seventy five out of eighty so either way if i do bad on this test they really cant move me because i did well in my other ones 

look at me bragging at my grades

gosh amy youre so snobby 

i have been listening to the 1975 all night last night and i have got all their songs stuck in my head so probabaly all my song lyrics will be the 1975 songs 

my fav song of the album i like it when you sleep you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it is shes american or change of heart because it is so relaxing and it calms me down :)

thats it guys i have nothing else to ramble on about so if you read all of this roast me in my comments i dont know what you could roast me on but i wont take it to heart seriously roast me XD

ily all bye <3333
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