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Nightmare On My Street // Will Smith
Thought I do a Halloween song.
Sorry for keeping you all in anticipation.
I know you are all wondering what Nadia has to say!
Well, probably not, but it's exciting news!
October 31- (MANDATORY SET) Nadia is inviting /everyone/ to her place to make an important announcement. And everyone's dying to find out what it is, I gues we'll just have to wait and see.
If you can't beat em', make em' nervous.

I slowly walked around my living space in my sparkling red dress, as eyes watched me in anticipation. Everyone was dying to know what I had to say, and it showed on everyone's faces. Sasha broke the tension, of corse.

"Can you just tell us already? What is it anyway. Your pregnant? I hope your child doesn't grow up to be as messed up as you." She spat, rolling her eyes. I didn't want to get into any drama, as it would ruin /everything/.

"Oh Sasha. Remember, this is my party. If you want to leave, and not hear the news, your welcome to. There's always Us magazine or something." I said, walking past her. I grabbed a martini from a waiters tray, and onto a little stage I asked to be built. Everyone needed to hear this news, and see how fabulous I looked.

"Attention HB's and dollies!" I said into the mike, as everyone turned around to gawk.

"Good. Now, I know everyone knows that I have something to share. And believe me, no one knows about this information. No HB's, no dollies, and not even Momo." I looked straight at her, raising an eye-brow. She sipped her martini, and looked away. I raised my chin, and continued on.

"So, now everyone knows about this little fight going on between the HB's and the dolls, right?" Everyone nodded their head, and looked at each other in question. 

"No, I am not doing something insane like drop the fight. It makes Shanghai interesting." I snickered, brushing back my hair.

"Stop dragging this on. Just tell us what it is!" Someone yelled out, probably a doll-face. 

"Excuse me. I can take as long as I want." I sneered, standing tall.

"Anyway, I believe a doll-face should have a chance to become something bigger and better. An HB perhaps?" I said, leaving the question out in the perfumed air. People started whispering, eyebrows raised, heads cocking in question.

"Yes, I am recruiting a Doll to be part of my fabulous elites." I said into the mike, a soft smirk on my face. 

"And one. Just one girl. Now, that doesn't mean everyone needs to start buying me presents and kiss up to my asss. I can buy anything I want, anyway." I laughed, as people stood taller and looked braver.

"What this means is you have to have the potential to be a HB. Now don't start cutting people up, like Acacia might do. Oops, not supposed to speak ill of the dead. Or become a self-obsessed bitchh. Who's that? Oh hi Mariam." I bitterly said, trashing my fellow HB's. Not just because I'm a biitch, but because I need to show everyone who's boss around here. Mariam and Belle looked pissed, but I could care less.... Right? I shook my head of those thoughts and continued on.

"Pick a fight with an Doll. or maybe an HB. But remember girls, make sure you can win. Because nothing's worse than not winning a fight you started..." I stepped off the stage, and walked away as people stared at each other in shock and wondering who they'll fight with. 

It's all in a day's work.

xo, Nadia.
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