Suffocate // J Holiday

Evening loves. I know it's super late & I'm sorry. I've been doing homework all day & I still am, but I'm more than half way done.

How was your week? Hopefully good. Mine wasn't exactly the best, but I'll be fine.

Wanna hear about my day? I woke up this morning to my alarm & turned it off before going to sleep for another 5min. The five minutes felt like five seconds. So I accessorized my school uniform a little because it's Friday. I read my Bible while I ate breakfast & I re-read some old text messages, smiled, cried a little. Then before I left, I was like, "Today is gonna be a better day"

- I was wrong. I legit jinxed myself .-. In 2nd period, my teacher made us do ReadingPlus & for homework we have to write an essay. My 4th period teacher had us do a lab experiment thing & my group was joking around & shizz so we got nothing done.

+ The story gets better. I go to lunch & I'm doing some weird shizz because I can & then I spilled the stupid milk all over my pants .-. I was so upset. I immediately called my mommy & told her to pick me up. That was just so disgusting.

That's my story of my day ._. On top of that, my best friend(s) are still ignoring me :'c It's not easy. I don't even know // why //. I literally feel empty.

But enough about me. How are // you // ? How was // your // day? How was // your // week? I really would like to know. If it was as crappy as mine, I'll be happy to try to put a smile on your face?

I'll be on for a bit lovies. I'll get back to my messages. I won't be online tomorrow though, but if I am, it won't be for long because I have two parties to go to. I love you all so much.

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