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"So what do we actually have to do." I said to Cloe as we waited in line to get our names marked off. 

 "Vote." She said raising an eyebrow. "For whoever you want to be president." she added smirking slightly. "I thought that would be obvious."

 "Well yeah." I said rolling my eyes. "But how do you vote? I haven't done this before." I said biting my lip. It can't be that hard can it. 

 "Aria i'm the same age as you. " Cloe said "In fact i think its the first time most of us."

I raised my eyebrows in agreement, "By the way" Cloe paused, "I'm really thrilled" she whispered. I couldn't help but smile she sounded like a kid at christmas whispering about the toys they found hidden.

 "Thrilled?" I repeated. 

 "Yep" She said popping the p, "I mean you're here and you can actually affect something that's bigger than you" She said once again sounding completely blissed out . "It's like shouting a big 'I'm here!'" She said smiling.

I smiled at Cloe , It was a pretty monumental moment in our life. 

 "And we aren't the only one's here." She said softly the excitement leaving her voice. I looked over at her , "Well duh."'

 Cloe ducked down behind me , like that would help.

"Did Liam and the others already vote?" I asked. The line was extremely long and I hated that my mind could run thinking 'someone else'.

"Yeah, Apparently he had plans with a friends so he voted earlier on." I said my voice slightly high on the world on the word friends. I was not particularly happy about the friend he was hanging out with. Tyler and more of his friends. 

"But Scott is here with Ally?" Cloe said nodding over to the couple. "Liam has other friends." I said with a shrug. "Since when?"Cloe scoffed. I was about to reply when i spotted someone Cloe wouldn't want to see. 

 "Uhm ... Who knows actually i guess it was when him and Scott in a mini argument over the ally situation you know they are more like a married couple than Liam and i." I said in a rush , I am not sure if she could actually understand what i said. Hell i wasn't even sure what i said.

 "Ehm did I hear right? You and Liam as a married couple?" That wasn't what i had said at all but dire times mean not pointing out she got it wrong

My eyes widden when i had seen Barton notice us, "Yes I mean Liam doesn't like that Scott spends his time with Ally and not more with him as he was used to" I jabbered. That wasn't a complete lie , he wasn't happy about it.

 "Aria what's wrong with you?" She smiled crossing her arms.

 "It's all ok, only the length of the line just makes me nervous" I said with a smile , hoping it would pass as a normal smile.

 "Uhm"She said turning look back towards where Barton was standing , she turned back to me "Oh."

"Sorry." I said "I thought if i kept talking you wouldn't notice." 

 She shrugged "It's no big deal. He has the right to vote if he wants." Cloe said her tone betraying her , she was upset and who could blame her. 

 "Yeah." I said lamly nodding , I really had no idea what to say. Should i bag out Barton? No Cloe didn't seem like she would appreciate that. So i just stood there getting ready to vote. Lets hope something goes right today and a certain president gets a second term.
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