Cut the weight of that what is too sharp to hold.
So surround yourself with good people.
I know it's painful but we can stand.
And if this plan can't work, then tear my hand.
With a paper soul healing is difficult.
As is to forget when you're still angry.
If I can't hear my heart, forget me.
Fireplace - Lost In The Trees

also in the set there's And The Boys - Angus & Julia Stone 

I don't know if I like this or not, I like the colour scheme (these are my two favourite colours when paired together) but I think the layout is messy. :/ 


I had a bad day yesterday at school and I can't really be bothered to go into it, but it got better on the way home because I went to this really nice charity shop near my house (which i don't often go in, but I'm going to do so more now, i found something from topshop in there yesterday but i didn't buy it). I brought this oversized plain grey jumper for £1.65 and I'm torn between keeping it plain or buying some fabric paint and putting something on it (something simple like a triangle or maybe the deathly hallows symbol or just one word like lovely or something).
I also had the most wonderful leopard print tights from topshop that arrived in the post and I'm in love with them. 

I woke up this morning to my mum making me pancakes and I put nutella, banana and golden syrup in mine then i coated the outside in icing sugar. It was so so good. It might snow later and I'm looking forward to next weekend. 

The only thing that's really horrible about today is that despite the fact that lots of nice things are happening I feel so depressed and I keep having mood swings between angry and depressed. 
I feel like crying but i don't really have any reason to do so. 

I doubt anyone even read this.

(Oh yeah @lost-in-senseless-dreams if you see this then I need to ask you something about a birthday set for you, even though it's a couple of weeks away, send me a message if you see this.)
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