mehsmeh (:

stolen from gaby who stole it from kellah.

Part 1; Favorites

Favorite Lady Gaga song? Why?
you and i :3 it's such a beautiful song. as cliche as that sounds, it truly is. if you listen to the lyrics, you see how she is describing how she misses a past love. it's so heart-felt and it's one of those songs that you sing along to without even knowing that you're singing. i think that it's still very gaga-esque, but it makes people think differently of momma (:
Favorite performance?
uh, monsterball at madison square garden on the seventh of july 2O1O. duhs.

Favorite outfit?
well, this is hard... uhm, but i'd have to say the living dress. everyone knows that gaga's outfits keep you looking, but the living dress is actually... living. if it were off of gaga and just on a hanger or something, it would be monsterous in itself. for those of you who have not witnessed this, shmoof you.

Favorite quote?
"take my picture hollywood, i wanna be a star!" I know it doesn't say to, but I wanna explain why. this is my favorite quote becauase of the meaning that i got from it, not necessarily what gaga thought when she said it. i took it as a cry of help from every person who has fallen in the grasp of pop culture. pop culture is so intimating, yet addicting, and it's human nature to want to do anything to get the fame. whether it be, hurting yourself or hurting others.

Favorite photo?
it's not really a photo, but there have been photos taken of it. it's her in the eh, eh {nothing else i can say} video where she has her short, very faux-looking hair and yellow flower dress. when i saw it, {very early in my career as a monster} my thoughts about gaga's image completely switched. i stopped thinking of her as a hot, sex-machine and thought, "hey, this is a beautiful woman."

Favorite album? Why?
uhm, it depends on what you are asking. if you are asking the songs, then it would be the fame because i enjoy the songs more. but, if you are asking about the meaning and message of the album, then i would say the fame monster. it has more of a 'i want to fuckk up pop culture' message that i lahv. the fame is more saying {from my perspective}, 'listen and see that pop can actually have a meaning'.

Favorite vintage Gaga song?
uhm, either rockshow or vanity.

Part 2; Common Mons†er traits
Place an [x] in the box next to the ones that apply to you!

[x] you consider being called a steffy germanotta lookalike a compliment
[x] you feel like you didn't know yourself until you heard gaga
[x] you feel the need to talk to anyone you see on the street wearing a gaga tee or some other form of monsterous support
[x] you envy anyone who owns "behind the fame" or have read it yourself {read it, trick}
[x] you own large sunglasses
[x] you want/have a lavender streak
[x] you know what a lavender blonde is
[x] you have printed out money with momma's face on it and used it as a bookmark, a locker decoration, or pretended to pay someone with it {thank you kellah (:}
[x] you own clothing with gaga's face on it
[x] meeting new monsters is the height of excitement for you
[x] you have seen momma live
[x] if you had one wish before you died, it would be to meet gaga
[x] you preach to your friends about how taylor swift is not a good music choice

Part 3; Beyond Gaga

What are some other artists that Gaga has inspired you to follow?
bowie. i had heard john, i'm only dancing and let's dance before because my dad likes them, but i really got into him {stfu} after i saw gaga's lightening bolt.

Have you made any new friends because of Gaga?
duhs! kat, gaby, sophia, kelly, chloe, jessa, nina, and all of the other monsters on poly (:

Be honest; had you heard of Alexander McQueen before Gaga wore him?
yesha. i heard of him from my mommy's old friend who lahvs fashion, just wash not obsessed.

What are some things you'd never do that Gaga has shown you are possible?
be happy. in my whole life, i had never had one second where i wasn't worried about anything until i went to the monsterball. i forgot all of my worries and insecurities and i was happy.

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