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Caroline: I sat in my bedroom staring at the ceiling and sipping my green tea with lemon and a bit too much sugar. My head hurt like no ones business. I couldn't even watch TV it was so bad. Stupid headache. Stupid hangover. Stupid party. Nothing eventful for me had happened luckily. Just me getting smashed and that was pretty much it. Laughing as I felt Lucky crawl up onto my lap and sit down I rolled my eyes. My cat didn't seem to realize that he didn't fit in the palm of my hand anymore. He was big now and it actually was uncomfortable for him to try and crush my tiny body with his large one (for a cat anyways, he was fat). Sipping my tea again I began to slowly pet him. I was so bored. I wondered where Mason was. Or Caiden. Or any of my friends were really. Not that I had many.
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oh I'm sorry I didn't realise this was a role play! I totally interrupted /: please delete my comments afterwards.

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@fuchsiaa-bro thanks!
Love me bro!

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You make lovely sets my dear

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Caroline: I kissed him back my fingers knotting in his hair. I actually really wanted him. The last time/first time we had sex I had been so nervous but if we did end up having it again today I didn't think I'd have any reservations about it. I had a feeling we were going to do it today. Mason was definately making it clear he wanted to. Pulling away again I began to pull off his shirt.


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