i was tagged by @milkandabsinth http://www.polyvore.com/bet_im_not_number_one/set?id=49576091

1) Tag 20 people, including me.
2) Use an item in this set and an item from page 5 of your items

from the fifth page of my items i chose the shells

Now I tag (feel free to do it or not and sorry if you don't do tags): @marielamp @isabelle-wants-magic @maya-sarah @hallowpoint-smile @vannaz @brittanysnotaheroshesaliar @mrskatibaby @vika-pasiniskaya @silda @keti-lady @victrmishl @pinkpaintednails @aditherva @sandoler @alyssaisamazingg @hootowl96 @druida @lovelylauraa @icallitbeingrediculouslyawesome @take-me-to-infinity
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