LINDSEY IS A PLASTIC! Yayyy I'm so excited hahaha... can't wait to launch my new storyline soon. 

♔September 16: Olivia is hosting a Plastic party at her house tonight. Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without some party crashes. Can you impress them enough to get an invite? 

 - - - - -- - - 

So maybe I wasn't dressed for a typical Plastics party. . . I am still new to this, you know. While normally I would have gotten dressed to the nine with a sparkly or revealing ensemble, I didn't do so today. Nadine had told me earlier today at lunch that we have to dress nice, but we can never steal the attention away from Marina and Liv's outfits. I was kind of upset about it at first, since I loved dressing up, but then I took it as a relief too. Dress less nice > Worry less about having enough money to buy the best pieces that come out > Save money! > Fit in with the crowd. 

It all sounded pretty good in my head.... 

After school, I told the girls I'd be out shopping. They wanted to tag along, but I dissed them as innocently and politely as I could. I loved shopping alone. Shopping with others was fun too, but when you're alone... or, at least, when I'm alone... I don't have to feel judged for complaining about the sometimes 6+ digits on the price tag. I realized, eventually, I would have to start shopping with Marina, Olivia and Nadine soon, so I cherished my last day shopping alone. 

I dialed Ethan first, my walking "ATM". We settled our little argument and we both said sorry. He said sorry for overreacting, I for not explaining myself correctly. I reiterated the words "it was all a confusion, lack of communication" a lot to get my point across. Yesterday, I vowed to myself that I'd stop telling Taylor any secrets. Marina told me she was a Desperate Wannabe and confiding in "DWs" with a secret was not the best way to go. 

Oddly, Ethan didn't pick up this time. Usually it's /me/ who doesn't pick up. Oh well, I thought, there might a few thousand in my credit card...I hoped. 

I was just exiting Topshop (empty handed to my dismay) and I was immediately stopped by a stranger with a crisp black blazer on and leather pants. The lady wore a fedora too and she was sporting black Louboutin pumps. 

"Hi! I'm Chelsea Becker from FORD models!" she greeted, putting her thin arm out for a handshake. I couldn't remember the last time I'd shaken anyone's hand so for a second, I forgot which hand I was supposed to put on. I went with my right one and hoped it was the "right" one. 

I was really shocked but I still kept my composure. "I'm Lindsey Graham?" I said but it sounded more like a question, which I sort of was. What did this lady want from me?

"Oh, how lovely." She reached into her purse and pulled out a deck of cards. She took one out and put the rest back in her bag. "Like, I said, I'm from FORD model agency. I think you have an amazing look! Has anyone ever told you you could be a model?"

I knew I was a lying, but I just went with it, I nodded, "Plenty of times," I faked a humble nod and small smile. 

Well I knew I was pretty, just not model-worthy. Suddenly I felt my self-esteem soar. I hoped I wasn't coming off as too full of myself, but I loved when the attention was on me. 

"Well it's not a surprise," she said warmly. "Here, take my card." she handed me the card. "There's actually a modeling competition going on right now, and if you want to enter, which I highly advise you to, just send in a couple of headshots to this site right here," she pointed to a website link on the card.

I opened my mouth, formulating words in my head. Finally, I spoke. "Thank you, I just might do this!"

She smiled broadly. "Just bring your portfolio with you to the casting on September 20th, I hope you can make it!" 

Before I could get a chance to respond, she waved goodbye and was gone. 

Whoa. Did I just get offered an modeling job? Could this mean... I could finally pay off my debt? I sounded so dumb, but I had never considered getting a job. Mostly because people would look down at me. They'd think that I wasn't rich enough... but modeling isn't an average job. I could totally do this! That lady Chelsea Becker said I needed some headshots and a portfolio... how could I afford a professional photographer?

Just then, the weirdest thought popped up in my mind. I guess I could ask... /Pandora/.... but then the rest of the Plastics would shun me.


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