Gotta talk to you now 'fore we go to sleep
But will we sleep once I tell you what's hurting me


I know you'll ask me to hold on
And carry on like nothing is wrong
But there is no more time for lies
Cause I see sun set in your eyes

PUSSYCAT DOLLS // I Hate This Part


well, hi :3
today was, eh
got some news, bad and good

its kind of awkward thinking of something to type with a life-size harry styles cardboard cut-out right next to you... o.o

anywh ore, i just wanted to address something~

I've been sending out messages to all my cover-up. readers and polyvore is being a b itch, and isn't letting me send anymore messages

all that aside, i'm wondering

who's reading and who isn't?

I'm tired of asking and barely getting any replies, it's hard to have multiple tag lists and not knowing who to add and who to delete.

So please, if your reading cover-up. , please, let me know


PM me, comment on here, comment on my cover-up. sets, anythinggg

alrighty, thanks everyone :3

keep w hore-ing on! <3


people i need responses from~
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