a really crappy quick story. if anybody would like to collab let me know.


"That kid can really not play the piano." Seth said just as my last lesson , Eddy, left with his mother. I bit my lip , while i agreed with what Seth said i felt bad for thinking it. What kinda of teacher would i be if i said that?

"That's why his parent's are paying for him to learn." I added smirking over at Seth who rolled his eyes. 

"It's not like you can do better." I muttered with a grin. I had seen Seth attempt to play the piano on numerous times. Each time resulted in customers exiting the shop in a rush.

"Yeah but i can atleast play some instruments. That boy is just...." he said shaking his head and pretending to shudder.

"Oh stop being a d.ck you get money from Eddy attempting to learn to play." I said rolling my eyes at Seth. He is was just being mean.

He huffed at me before changing the subject "So how is the world of Miss Anderson?" 

I sighed stretching my legs out on the rest of the chair.

"Well.." I started but stopped , I was going to go with the typical good but that wouldn't be right. 

"Things are normal." I said looking down at my nails which were much more interesting. To be honest between school deadlines , visits from my mother , cab stealing sexy smart a.ss and Eddy's lack of musical talent things could be better.

"So your friend Billie is still making you watch Fresh Prince reruns and your other friend Delia is still working too much?" Seth asked non chantly. I looked over at him suprised , I didn't know he played that much attention to what i say. If i was him i would of just nodded and pretended to care.

"No Billie has moved on , Now its Saved By The Bell because Zack is like so dreamy." I said a fake girly voice. 

"I was more of a Kelly man myself." Seth said nodding , "She was hot. Now not so much." 

"You know you would get on well with Billy." I said eyeing him carefully. I am pretty sure Billy would rather watch shows with Seth then me.

He looked over at me with a frown "I'm not gay, just so you know." he said "And i am not saying there is anything wrong with that , i'm just you know , not."

I couldn't help but giggle "I never said you were mate."
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