1/4/11 ♥

Well, I kind of just now noticed that I haven't made any New Year's resolutions so here goes:

1. Become more experimental. 
..Instead of doing what I always do, this year, I'm going to work on trying to step out of my comfort zone and think outside the box. Like, instead of buying the same thing everytime at Starbucks, I'll try new things. That's small, obviously, but I'll branch out once I'm comfortable with doing bigger things.

2. Be more creative with my style.
..I have a habit of wasting all of my money in the same place - Forever 21. I'll try to find things in different places and buy different things. I have WAY more jewelry than I need and I honestly only wear like 10 pieces day to day. I'll try to buy more shoes, bags, and jackets and less rings and necklaces (which are the two things I spend the most money on).

3. Be better at making plans.
...I always end up making plans last minute and, so, they almost NEVER work out. If I just think about it before I even bring it up, I can prevent the stress that comes with it, and avoid being yelled at by my dad. And wouldn't that be nice?

4. Read more!
... I did a terrible job in 2010 with reading. I was off to a good start, reading lots of books but I failed from the summer on. I have a library card now so this should be better.

5. And lastly, SAVE MY MONEY!
...If you know me in real life, you know I blow my money on the stupidest things. My little brother has been saving money and is about to buy an iPod Touch. I have zero dollars and currently owe my friend money. =/ I seriously need to save more and spend LESS.

And that's all. There were so many more that I could have put down but those are some that really needed to be done.

Dara Kristi Quiseng.♥
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