Life has gotten stressful again and for things in which I really shouldn't be involved.. I guess I brought this upon myself.

PS -- DYING for a part of knee-high black leather boots with a medium-short sturdy heel like these..

PPS -- Also wish I were back in Paris right now.

Tagged Survey Time!

What color do you wear most? Black, grey, and white.. Maybe some navy and red.
Least favorite colors? Pink and yellow, I suppose?
What are you listening to? A.C. Newman.. In times of stress, I need a familiar voice.
What was your favorite class? English Lit.. But I'm actually in love with my Sociology of Law class.. Surprise!
Are you outgoing? More and more so.
Favorite pair of shoes? Probably my black heels.
Favorite article of clothing? Jeanz.
Can you dance? Ohoo.. Not in a real way.
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? Tried and failed.
Can you whistle? Raspily, I suppose.
Cross your eyes? Wasn't aware that was difficult..
Walk with your toes curled? Haven't tried recently, but I think so..
Do you believe there is life on other planets? Most certainly.
Do you believe in miracles? No.
Do you believe in magic? Nein.
Love at first sight? Negative.
Do you believe in Santa? Sadly, no.
Do you like roller coasters? YES YES YES.
Have you ever been on a plane? Oui.
Have you ever asked someone out? Not averse to it, but I prefer to know that the guy is into me enough to ask me himself.
Have you ever been to the ocean? Aye.
Have you almost drowned in the ocean? Probably when I was younger..
What is the temperature outside? 48F.
What radio stations do you listen to? Pandora, if that counts.. But I generally plug in an aux cable in the car.
What was the last thing on TV you watched? The newest Walking Dead!
Who was the last person you took a picture of? My two friends laying in bushes on the way to a party.
Ever really cried your heart out? Certainly.
Ever cried yourself to sleep? More times than I care to admit.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder? For sure.
Ever cried over the opposite sex? Hah.. Oh yes.
Do you cry when you get an injury? Generally no.
Do songs make you cry? Oh, sure.
Are you a happy person? Absolutely.
What is your current hair color? Medium-brown to strawberry-blond ombre.
What are you wearing now? Just panties -- I'm in bed!
Your eye color? Brown and more brown.
Short or long hair? Past my shoulder so.. medium-ish?
Height? 5'5"!

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