&&☾ Captain America: Civil War Icons

I sincerely hope this collection helps a lot of you! I spent awhile searching for this stuff so I'd appreciate it if you liked the collection, should you choose to like more than 10 items.


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#gigglesthisisimportant @those-celebrity-iconers-xo

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pretty sure as soon as the marvel logo appears for this, I'm gonna start crying haha

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#RogueRemember I like this spiderman a lot better than Garfield's one already at first appearance. xD

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@cigarettesmokecheerycoke oh, totally. :)

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Is it just me, or does Scarlet Johanson get prettier as the years go on?

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☾ "it was a big big world, but we thought we were bigger." ☽
@gymnastics-ariana you’re super sweet and your cropped sets are so stunning! @forebodinq @e-lectra-heart @valismyname @nikkineves @briar989 @simplegirl-1-16 @karineminzonwilson @ladygroovenyc @califorina-girl @triciamcmillan @roryangelus @lovetodrinktea @pollypocket-erm @stella-stars @theluvclub @s-minhas @ameliamarshy

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☾ "i promise that you'll never be lonely." ☽
@xlifeoftavax @onlyonemoredreamer @misstulane @lavonneb88 @heymisstm @mikaelsonlegacy eliza, your sets so perfect! @misthaven @isabelamer-1 @theitalianglam @moonlight-baby @lalalasprinkles @sassycat24 @coralgreysson @agirlthatfellinlovewithnumberten @brdfrdzen i'm so honored that you want to be on my tag-list tbh. haha, i love your sets! they're perfect!! <3 @raised-from-perdition hey! where've you been? lol! i haven't talked to you in so long! pm me girl!! <3 @kristen-gregory-sexy-sports-babe you're so nice!! lol, i still think you're the queen of polyvore. ;p your sets are stunning too! @dose-of-rose where do i even start with you rose? lol! you're so fun to talk to! and you're another one of my closest friend on polyvore! plus, i'm really enjoying teaching how to rp! @h-awkeye your art sets are gorgeous! @btwfoxes hey! you're so nice and i love talking to you! plus, you're in all the same groups i'm in, so that's pretty cool too! @starry-nostalgia your sets are so pretty! @avengersgirl3 @em-style-lover-46 @stackmel your sets are so pretty and i really enjoy your battle groups! <3 @coolkatfashion

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#needtoknowalwaysc thanks for making this!! i can't wait for the movie to come out!!

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☾ "peter pan, that's what they call me." ☽
@queen-of-time @awk-fangirl @hipstaplz367 @raventail143 grace, you just have the most fantastic fandoms! i love how you express them through your sets! @crystalliine @morningstar1399 @p4ndal0v3 @cigarettesmokecheerycoke @icecreamgirl123 @frozendecembermoon @etherealx you're one of my dearest friends on polyvore! i feel like i can tell you anything, and you'll still be my friend. haha, i totally wish we could meet in real life too, tbh we're probably be best friends. ;p @carousel1039 you make awesome characters for battle groups! @phanic-at-the-disco you're super sweet girl! @sunadie-inoino @dauntlessbadgirl i'm having so much fun plotting with you for our battle group characters!!! @daisy414 @readsalot @ladydeathstrikex @azia-lou-who @avenger-girl37 @shades-of-rainbow i love your new username! @ravenclaw-eagle @kaitgieske @chloe-the-glader @happyhippolover tbh, i haven't talked to you much, but you have amazing battle groups!


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