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Vasumati Roberts, lady-scholar-turned-pirate was married to a wealthy Englishman at a disgracefully young age and taken from Bombay to London, where was educated. When her husband died, his son from a previous marriage inherited almost all of his lands and goods. Vasumati was only left with her clothes and her husband’s decrepit pink. It had not been used for many years, since her husband’s fabric trade had upgraded to a more modern ship. Vasumati boarded it and found herself strangely at ease. Since she was homeless and nearly-penniless, Vasumati decided to be a pirate. She has spent the last fifteen years sailing around the world in The Hangman, pillaging, sword fighting, and breaking hearts. 
It was on one of these raids when Gorgeous (as she had begun to be called) boarded a large steamer coming north from South America. Gorgeous was threatening the captain when she saw Garret Russell, with whom she had met at university and had an affair, amongst the passengers being corralled by her crew. She had said that it was very good to see him again, and that she was glad he was doing well. He had complimented her crew and inquired about the new scar that ran across her right eye. She kissed him (much to Eddie’s great embarrassment and Posy’s delight) and then robbed him blind. She has happened to run into Garrett and his expedition frequently since then. While she is no Katherina Auttenberg, but the two of them do have quite a past. Katherina always happens to make it to an artifact before Garrett does, Gorgeous is more than willing to wait until Garrett finds it, then steal it from him. 
I've had the beginning of this set in my drafts for a very long time. I made her for a steampunk pirate contest a while back but never finished her. She's another addition to my perennial and nostalgic Megatherium Club ( I imagine her to be a sort of Indian pirate River Song. I wonder if she and Katherina would be best friends or fierce rivals... any input, @bluestocking ?
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