Yesterday ,I'm not here went out to joined meeting with my sister&my friends..
I wanna write it ,I think if I'm not explode how i feel maybe my holiday vacation in next 2 week ain't no fun?

Well,Yesterday my sister &me went out to have meeting with sibling from 2 family [In Seoul] ,our family is a long time friends.

Everything gonna be perfect we have dinner at Korean barbecue restaurants [picture its samgyupsal party with buffet].
I'm so closed with "SH" a son from 1 of those 2 family Yep, we're friend no benefit okay.
here we've 3 family just only child party.
and i brought "K" another my friend to joined with us total 14 ppl.

The main story about a girl from one of those 2 family was pissed me off ,I never annoying ppl or showing them on my face if i'm not so closed with,but this girl is some kind of i can't stand of it.
she brought boyfriend to joined and all the time is about honey eat this eat that,how i look today?
I'm so cute? she even compared me with her at first place i thoughts i'll not following her super duper x1000 cutie overload[picture her as Sunny from SNSD actually i believe that Sunny not all the time acting cute] i'll sit there because of my sister i can do it i told myself hold it Rainie.

I'm allergic all kind of cutie that why i never into Harajuku/cutie Japanese things
picture that she wore top to toe in pink,cute accessories,so outfits i put there in this set is sth i was wore on yesterday different style and we're never connected with the chemistry.

Specially her high voice "honeyyyy" echo in my brain.when i want to avoided her i talk in English or Japanese and trying to not understand Korean.
then she spread Japanese words like Sugoi,Kawaii ne,Oishi det ka. if you were me you'll get my situation.

She always kidding me with SH aww you two grow up more than friend isn't?,that made me &SH awkward i said we're not she still play with it kiss her kiss her she yelled to SH, another awkward when she back to play with K if SH not then K right? ,her BF seemed like get it she ruined our party even my sis told her sis can you tell your sis,she across line right now.
I was sitting there ** sigh and just eat.
looking to SH why she grow up to be like this,she ever so lovely before,she's a year older than me but still study in Bachelor and she called me unni[older sister for a girl used],SH&me thoughts is she forgot that she was older than me or she trying to be cute.

Thinking about in next 2 week is she'll join us family vacation again isn't she?
I hope so she'll not coz she said she dislike all kind of extremely party,stay up all night.
but why i feeling like she'll join and piss me off again.
I'm not hate her just i can't stand this kind of person.
back home to finding childhood pics ,she very lovely,shy and know the manner 15 years passed she is a real barbie,don't know the situation& self center at least she's lucky than me to got her BF.

Haha ,a long note I'm feeling better after yesterday just thinking she is a barbie.

The end:)
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