"And here i thought i could go one day without seeing any of you." I said blocking the door way looking over at Tom who was just grinning.

"You know Maz's friends from Melbourne? They are here. And i don't like them." He explained before frowning "Aren't you going to let me in?"

I moved out of the way let him in. When Maz's friends from Melbourne show up it usually means trouble, well not trouble for me just alot of nights having to listen to Rachel rant while being forced to watch some of the worst romcom's in history.

See the Melbourne girls as they are so known by Rachel and Sandy (Josh's whatever it is between them) are what i call sIuts who hook up with the boys because they hope to one day be famous.

Otherwise known as groupies.

"I thought you'd like them. You know since they would do you in a minute." I said looking over at Tom who was now laying down on the lounge. 

"This would make a good therapist couch." He said nodding slightly which ultimately meant his head against the couch. "Not to sleep on though."

I rolled my eyes moving his legs off so i could sit down but ofcourse been Tom he decided to put them straight back on me.

"And also i am deeply hurt at the fact you'd think that i would do anyone who offered it to me." he said sitting up slightly. "I am not a Andy." He said faking a frown but it didn't last because the familiar Tom grin came back.

"Of course your not sweetie." I said rolling my eyes. 

"I will take that as your fake apology." 

"So what are you doing Andy?" he asked after a moment of silence. I shrugged "I was watching channel V judging the current state of music."

"Sounds boring. Lets do something fun." Tom said kicking me. "Please Andy. I always defend you so you owe me." he said whined childishly.

"You do know i have to work today." I said slightly amused. 

"I'll come to work with you. It can be like work placement." He offered. "I can bring in customers." 

"And how would do that?"

"I'm sexy." he deadpanned. I should have known better than to ask but hey atleast he didn't quote LMFAO.

"How about no." I said.

"AN- DEE." he said again kicking me. "Your been mean to me."

"How about you come with and we can window shop until i have to go to work?" I asked sighing , if this is what parents have to deal with all the time i suddenly found a new respect for them.

"Good enough." He said jumping up."Do you go to work like that?" he asked looking down at my outfit. I was currently in my pj's which consisted of an old tshirt and a pair of pajama pants.

"No , I have to get changed." I said getting up and heading over to my room only to be followed by Tom. "Your not coming in my room while i get changed." I said turning to face him.

'Why not?"

I just glarred at him. "Geez , your not a morning person are you."


"So where should we start?" I asked Tom , we were currently standing in the entrance of Town Hall. He shrugged "Anywhere , How about Bra's N Things. I distinctly remembering your friend mentioning lingerie." he said. Typical teenage boy.


"Is it because Alex said you have a flat chest? Because if so i assure you Andy you have a good handful." he said mimicking what he meant with his hands.

"That makes it even bigger no."

"Well that's to bad because its over there." He said pointing. "I am just going to go in. Look around you know" he said walking backwards toward the shop

"Tom get back here." I said attempting to grab him which caused him to dodge me. "I have ninja skills Anders."

I need to get one of those backpacks with leads like you use on toddlers. I am seeing a monkey bag for Tom for some unknown reason.

"You don't want to go in there."

"Oh i'm sure i do."

"But." I started but he walked in happily grinning at me. It was a challenge.

"Tom what happened to you being cool?" I said looking over Tom who now had a Polka dot bra on his head and going through the rack of lace boy shorts in front of him.

"I am cool you just don't know that because your not." he said holding up a pair. "These look about your size." He said holding the boy shorts up.

"I am not buying it." I said in a sing song voice. "Ofcourse your not. Now i just need to get a matching bra for this." he said waving the pants in front of me "and matching panties for this." he said pointing to bra on his head.

"What if they don't fit?"

"They will."

"How do you know?" I asked rolling my eyes. Guys always though they knew but they didn't.

"I know." he said tossing me the bra and the shorts. "Am i right?"


"So i am." he said grinning.

"I'm not buying it." I repeated strictly. "I know that Andy stop repeating yourself."

"Well your not stealing it." I said following the boy around the shop earning odd looks from the staff. I shot them an apologetic smile. 

"Oh la la." he said holding up the matching panties. 

"Tom put those down."




"Put the panties down."

"Make me."

"I am not fighting you in a shop."

He grinned like that was some sought of victory. "You wouldn't try these on would you?" he asked.

I glarred at him "What do you think?"

"Kill joy."

"I am leaving now." I said "I'll meet you outside." He grinned waving me away.

I sighed walking out the door. On the one hand i was proud of Tom for not liking the Melbourne girls who in all honesty are probably to old for him . But on the other hand i could not handle this all day.

How could anyone handle this all day?

I was about to turn around when i felt to hands cover my eyes.

"Guess who?"

"Doctor." I said sarcastically.

"No," Tom said giggling slightly. Yes giggling like a little girl.

"Captain America."

"Andy stop being silly."

"Tom take your hands off my face , they are sweaty and i am getting hit by the bag." He actually did what i asked ,well said.

"Your welcome." he said handing me the bag.

"I didn't ask for these."

"So you should be double thankful." he stated.


"You could always try them on. You know to make it up to me." he said a cheeky grin on his face.

"Go" i said pointing.


After walking all over the shopping centre having to dealing with Tom flirting with every attractive girl he saw, dealing with Tom in general. We had arrived at the food court. According to Tom he was a growing boy who needed more food.

"So what are you going to have?" I asked looking around the busy food court. Tom shrugged "What are you having?"

I scrunched up my face , what would i have.

'KFC? We had Macca's last week." I said nodding , my idea made sense. Yay me.

"Nobody does chicken like K F C." he sang grinning. I rolled my eyes. "So who is going to order?"

"Not me." Tom said quickly.

I sighed "Are you atleast paying for your meal."

"Do you know how much that cost?" he said nudging his head towards the Bra's N Things bag.

I rolled my eyes again. "What do you want then?"

"Orginal Filllet Burger combo. Please. Oh 7up as the drink." he said happily pulling out his phone. I guess that was my que to go.


"So who is this for?" I frowned hearing a Melbourne girl , I think her name was Kate or something. Why did 'Kate' and Alex have to show up. I hated dealing with Alex generally but with the groupie on his arm it would be unbearable. As i walked forward i saw what they were talking about.

Note to self - Add killing Tom to the list.


"Who?" Kate said rolling her eyes slightly. She was dressed in the typical want to be hipster clothes. Shorter then short shorts , a hideous $5 shirt and fake raybans.

"Her." Tom said pointing at me smiling.

"Me what?" I said pretending not have heard any of the previous conversations

"That is Andy's?" Alex said in a tone that was a mix of shock and amusements.

"No its for me. What do you think" Tom said now grabbing his food of the tray.

"And who are you exactly?" Kate or whatever her name is said. It's not like we haven't met before and you do this everytime we see each other.

"Alex just said her name before and i did as well." Tom said mouthful of chips. He really was a charming boy. Kate huffed.

"You took Tom with you while your bought lacey underwear?" Alex asked.

"No i bought it for her."

"You don't buy girls lingerie." Alex said slightly annoyed at Tom.

"That's what you say and your the one who only gets laid when the groupies come to town." I stiffled a giggle as i looked at both Alex's and Kate's faces.

"He has a point." I said looking down at my food.

"And what are you? I mean guys don't just buy this stuff for anyone?"

"They don't buy it for you because it will be ruined as soon as you throw it some random band." Tom said rolling his eyes. "You Max from Dapple told me about what happened in Perth." he said towards Kate. 

She just stomped her feet and walked off leaving Alex glarring at the two of us.

"Thanks guys really."

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