♛ The Puma:
Carine Jones
Carine (pronounced Kah-reen), is generally nosy and a bitchh. She's one of those people who pays attention to her surroundings and can be so quiet you might not even notice she's there, camouflaging and listening to everything you have to say. She doesn't keep secrets though, she'll straight out tell you what she thinks of you and sticks her nose into everyone's business whether its wanted or not. Carine has a softer side though, and mostly everyone in The Group has witnessed it, which is why they like her so much. She also has had quite a.../rough/ past but no one's ever been brave enough to question her. Carine is better off solo, like all pumas are, but she can't help but wear her heart on her sleeve and falls too fast, too hard. Don't go too soft on her though, like a true Puma, when she attacks she goes in for the kill.
model: Lais Ribeiro
sport: Varsity volleyball.
family legends: Clayton Jones, a breathtakingly hot, Varsity baseball playing (co-captain in fact), honor roll, senior, dating Hazel Kim.
family status: extremely rich
relationship status: liked Adam for the longest time, still crushed but slowly getting over him.
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