Carmen DiCamillo

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  • 90s Kate Moss
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    "This is Carmen DiCamillo." — @myfamilyrps
    Kate Moss 90s
  • camdentown
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    "She was born in Camden, London. Her father's a taxi-driver and her mum's a seamstress." — @myfamilyrps
  • Parenting by Connection
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    "When Carmen was just two years old, her mother suffered a miscarriage during her second pregnancy. After this, Carmen was severely neglected, as both of her parents became depressed. She is still an only-child." — @myfamilyrps
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  • photo
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    "Carmen never did very well in school, and was often bullied for her strange personality and looks. By 12, she was already beginning to get mixed up with the wrong crowd and was even smoking." — @myfamilyrps
  • Lost In Vogue
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    "Her goal is to become a bit of a "Lolita" type of character, although she's already older than the original Lolita." — @myfamilyrps
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  • Pinterest / Search results for marilyn monroe
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    "Her idols include Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Pamela Courson, and Amy Winehouse." — @myfamilyrps
  • 50 New 'The Great Gatsby' Photos Invite You To The Party
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    "Another one of her idols is Jay Gatsby. She loves the time period of the Great Gatsby, as well as the 50s, 60s, and 70s." — @myfamilyrps
    Warner Brothers and director Baz Lurhmann really want you to know that their adaptation of “The Great Gatsby” is coming out. There’s been an abundance of material released in the last few weeks, from trailers to posters, clips and almost the entire soundtrack. With only two weeks before its May 10th release, there’s absolutely nothing that should be a surprise at this point (and if you took high school English and read the original source material, you shouldn’t be surprised at all). With that, the studio have dropped a plethora of images showing everything you’ve seen in all of the above material, only in glossy still form.
  • Amy Winehouse.
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    "Carmen's obsessed with dying young, and is convinced that she's going to die at the age of 27 just like her idol, Amy Winehouse, as well as her favorite musicians including Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, and others." — @myfamilyrps
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  • mare moustache
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    "One of her favorite hobbies is partying." — @myfamilyrps
  • Tumblr
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    "She used to buy expensive-looking clothes at thrift-shops so that she would look wealthy, and would then get into high-class clubs and party with celebrities." — @myfamilyrps
  • wishing for wonderland.
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    "When Carmen was 13, she fell in love with a man 7 years her senior. He, Tom, was a guitarist and had Carmen wrapped around his finger." — @myfamilyrps
  • i like my body when it is with your body
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    "Carmen began to live with the man, and within a week of moving in with him, she regretted her decision. This guy was an alcoholic living in a drug-infested apartment building, and abused Carmen daily." — @myfamilyrps
    Our brains have special neurons that help us find each others lips in the dark. I like making people...
  • Young Kate Moss
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    "A lot of his habits rubbed off on her, and by the age of 14, Carmen was a fully-fledged alcoholic and drug-addict. She couldn't stand to be sober, and was living with this guy 24/7. She was kicked out of her school, as she never once showed up." — @myfamilyrps
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  • no more dreaming of ghosts
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    "Carmen also became a chain-smoker, and her lungs are still severely damaged because of it." — @myfamilyrps
  • Mock-House Parties Show Parents a Harsh Reality
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    "Her parents eventually called the police to get Carmen back. They found Carmen on the brink of death, as she had overdosed on alcohol and hard-drugs after a week of nonstop partying at her boyfriend's apartment complex." — @myfamilyrps
    Parents across the state got a reality check on the dangerous and sometime deadly consequences of house parties that mix teenagers with alcohol.
  • thewordsalloverme, weareallnarcissistic-: Johnny Depp and Kate Moss
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    "When Carmen was taken to the hospital, her 22-year-old boyfriend (Carmen was still only 15) was imprisoned for drugs and for holding a relationship/sleeping with Carmen." — @myfamilyrps
  • kate moss Johnny Depp | Tumblr
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    "Carmen feels completely guilty for making this man spend countless years in prison, which has led her to become more depressed and suicidal. She still writes to him occasionally, and believes that she still loves him." — @myfamilyrps
  • voodoo bubble
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    "After spending about two months in the hospital, recovering from her overdose and then going into full-time therapy, her parents then gave her a choice: full-time rehabilitation center or Birchwood Academy." — @myfamilyrps
  • Black Book
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    "She went with the latter option, Birchwood Academy, and on her 16th birthday, she was driven from the hospital to the academy." — @myfamilyrps
    usne: “ peachypalm: “ palmist: “ kate moss ” I LOVE YOU ” young kate moss is absolutely beautiful, she still is but wow this photo ”
  • Young Kate Moss
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    "She originally started off very nicely. Carmen's timid, quirky personality was beginning to show a bit more, and she was completely off the drugs and alcohol..." — @myfamilyrps
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  • trash&vodka.
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    "That is, until the new headmistress arrived and began to let things slide. Carmen is beginning to return to her addict-ways. She currently has bottles of vodka hidden in her room, and has snuck out of the academy to party on various occasions." — @myfamilyrps
  • Skins - House party (series 1) -
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    "She has become infamous on campus for luring people into bed and sleeping with them. This is an accomplishment that Carmen is extremely proud of, as she feels that she is now becoming known as the Lolita character that she has always dreamed of becoming." — @myfamilyrps
  • always been an introvert, happily bleeding
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    "Although she considers herself straight, Carmen isn't afraid to have some fun with the girls, as well." — @myfamilyrps
  • Motivation
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    "Carmen truly does want to be a happy and healthy girl with a childhood, but currently, she's finding it quite impossible. She surrounds herself with dangerous, unhealthy people, which isn't helping matters by any means." — @myfamilyrps
  • generationcreate: Kate Moss young and...
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    "And this is Carmen DiCamillo, in all of her glory." — @myfamilyrps
    generationcreate: “ Kate Moss ” young and pure and i adore this sofa

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