Carnation Celebration Cake
  • In-the-Pink Flower Cake
    Our “pretty in pink and pearls” cake is perfect for every special occasion. Simply punch flower chains from Light Pink and Bright Pink Sugar Sheets to set a white-iced cake abloom.
  • Pregnant Belly Cake
    Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting under homemade marshmallow fondant. MM fondant decorations and hand painted leopard print with edible paint. Used the Wilton soccer ball pan for the belly (not the 3D one) and then used the mini sports ball (the 3D one) and just trimmed the boobs down to an appropriate size.
  • Royal rose cupcakes
    Decorated with sugar diamonds and wafer roses, Helen Nathan’s cakes are a real show stopper that will appeal to kids and adults
  • Presenting Love Cake
    This ribbon-wrapped cake is easy to achieve using the Fondant Ribbon Cutter and Embosser Set. Interchangeable wheels and spacers fit onto the handle to cut and emboss perfectly matched strips!
  • Loops Link-Up Fondant Cake
    This fondant-covered cake has a special look that is easy to achieve! Use Decorator Preferred Fondant to make looping ropes in various sizes to surround each tier. Perfect for a wedding design, this cake will also look great in a single- or double-tiered presentation.