I'm not really making these just for the contest, I simply love the idea of masks and carnivals ♥ That, and it won't be long until I won't be able to visit as often as usual.

Also, 10 random facts. Kept forgetting. I won't tag anyone... feel free to consider yourselves tagged if you wish! 

1. Fieruta means "little beast". It used to be my cat's nickname... not because she bites or anything, but because of how well-behaved she is. 

2. The toaster always startles me.

3. I've always been drawn to dark things, even as a little kid, and I used to play funeral with my Barbies. I was a pretty happy kid -- it's just that I had a more unusual list of things that made me happy.

4. My nails are 1 cm long or maybe even longer, and they don't hinder my daily activity in any way. Pics or it didn't happen? Very well... 

5. That being said, I crochet and make seed bead jewelry, hence my icon. As you may know, when you buy beads, there's a chance you'll come across one or two beads of a different shape than the rest, like the one in my icon... I keep all of them, and when I have enough I'm gonna make them into a necklace. 

6. I listen to lots of music genres, but I'll always be a metal fan at heart.

7. I enjoy formulating my sentences in such a way that will make people lol. Half of the time, though, they think I'm being serious!

8. Black tea, dark beer and black coffee are my favorite beverages. I don't put sugar or milk in my coffee or tea. 

9. I'm a makeup junkie. I wear a lot of eyeshadow in all possible colors, but I don't use concealer. 

10. I absolutely love spicy Chinese rice and I wanna learn how to make it at home, preferably nuked. 

... thanks & congrats if you made it this far! xoxo
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