NameCaroline Allison Cuthbert
; age {25-40} 29
occupation; photosphere 
likes; candy, short dresses, being sexy, being wanted
dislikes; being neglected, the color pink, lack of control
bio; Caroline is a well-known photographer in the area and loves her job, however if a picture does tell a story then her picture would tell of heartbreak and being lonely. Caroline met and fell hard for Nick Cuthbert in high school. She was going to go to college in New York but got pregnant during her senior prom. Nick and Caroline quickly married and gave birth to a little girl named Rose. Almost 10 years later and Caroline feels stuck she loves her daughter but Nick never even sees her anymore she knows hes having an affair but has been with him so long she doesn’t know how to be without him. Maybe a new boy is what she needs or just some self-confidence 
extra info; {storyboard/collection}
status;married but wanting something different 
model; {see link for suggestions. please make it believable}Jordana Brewster
taken by @followyourbliss


Carrie are you going to fix dinner? Nick asked me from his side of the bed
“I think I’m working late tonight. You and Rosie go out have a daddy daughter night” I said trying to smile getting up at morning.

Nick sighed “I won’t be home til late myself He said putting on his shirt
I crawled over to kiss him on the shoulders like I used to but he just pulled away as he did usually here lately.
After he left I sat on the bed sighing letting my tears come as they always did in the early mornings. I was losing him and I didn’t know what to do about it.
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