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-Caroline Forbes- Elena’s best friend since childhood but now she’s not the nicest or deepest person you’ll meet. Usually only one thing is on her mind: boys and how she’s going to get them to sleep with her. She can get a little bit jealous of Elena on account that she gets everything she wants because she always says the right thing, but Caroline really knows how to get revenge on people, especially people with boyfriends because of her looks. Watch out, Manhattan.
Model- Candice Accola
Taken by-

Top 3
1. Caroline Forbes//Candice Accola
2. Lexi Madden//Blake Lively OR Nicole Clemence//Megan Fox {I like them both the same}
3. Kendall Huntington//Daisy Lowe 

 “Matt? Maaatt,” I echoed, waving a hand in front of his face. He was zoning out once again and I didn’t have to think twice to what he was thinking about. It was her, it always was. Elena was always somewhere in the corner of his mind no matter how hard he tried to deny it. 

 “Huh? Oh sorry,” he apologize and sheepishly smiled. “What were we talking about again,” he asked. We were in the school library and although he was supposed to be helping me study, it was slowly starting to become the other way around. 

 I sighed and put on a fake, cheerful smile. Picking up the history book in front of me, I waved it a little bit until he got the hint. “I know how much fun it is to learn about this for like the fortieth time,” I teased and immediately smile when I heard him laugh.

 “Hey,” I heard a cheerful Elena say, walking over to the two of us. 

 “Hey,” Matt said, with a big smile on his face for a couple of seconds.

 I sat back in my and resisted all urges to pout. “Hey E,” I greeted adding a smile although with the way Matt was looking at her made me feel like smiling was the last thing I wanted to do. I was about to ask where her current boy toy was when Mr. Salvatore himself walked in. Without even having to look, I could feel the tension between Stefan and Matt. 

 When their eyes contacted, Stefan and Matt gave each other a nod of recognition leaving all four of us awkwardly standing there. Stefan cleared his throat and grimaced. It seemed that lately Elena was one of the few people he talked to. I bit my lip and flashed him a smile, something that judging by the expression on his face wasn’t well received. 

 “So,” I blurted, interrupting the current state of silence. 

 “Yeah,” Matt muttered, looking down at the unopened textbook in front of him. 

 “Well, it was nice running into you two,” Elena added, just as awkward as we were all feeling. 

 “Yeah, nice,” I said, the happiness in my tone of voice quickly disappearing. The two of them turned on their heels and left us sitting at the desk, less than stellar then we were before. And yet another moment ruined by Elena Gilbert and her boy toy. 


{Okay so I’m sorry that this story sucks {no pun intended haha} but normally I write better than this… normally.}
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