basically how i want my room to look in the flat my friends and i are moving into in september.

the theme is travel and adventure. bright colors to cheer up dreary rainy days and white walls, grey accents, and sort of roughed up wood and metal and whatnot so that all the color doesn't get too overwhelming or childish.

already have the duvet (got it for my dorm last year) and it's even better in person than in the picture and it's so soft and nice. plus i got two blankets as graduation/going-away gifts last summer and one is dark grey and the other is teal and basically they matched perfectly and life was great.

depending on how things are looking, the world map tapestry thing might end up hanging in the hallway (where there's a big white wall) instead of in my room.

the "we are living our adventure" wall decal is so perfect because at this point in my life i really am, and my three flatmates are as well so it's a really great reminder of how lucky i am right now, because sometimes i forget.

i think i want to work in something related to california as well, to remind me of home.

the side table and drawers are more just to give an idea of what i'll be searching for in antique/vintage/secondhand/whatever stores because i am a poor student.

also the chair is never ever going to happen, but oh god i've always wanted a swinging chair in my room. also one of those floaty curtain things that hang above your bed. another thing i've always wanted is a trampoline, but that's sort of irrelevant to this whole dream bedroom thing...

congratulations and i love you if you actually read all of that
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Wrote 4 years ago
I want a floaty curtain thing toooo...



everyone on polyvore.

everyone on polyvore.

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The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

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someone should write something interesting here
- danielle
something interesting
- aly
i see what you did there
- danielle
aly -
my love life is a vast empty desert
there's m, only m. he likes me,
i don't like that he has a girlfriend.
maria has no boys.
she might have a crush
but probably not
CORI'S BOYS, nay, MEN (I wish)
danielle -
oh hey i have a cute english boyfriend how did that happen

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