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Is everyone ready for the 4th challenge here at the Polyvore Misfits?

This challenge will require time spent on both the set and the set description, so take your time!

Now for this challenge, I've decided to be a little bit bossy and add some more rules, so listen carefully.

First off, each person is going to be assigned a color and you'll need to make a set based entirely on that color. There can absolutely be other colors in the set, but your assigned color must be the main color in the set.

It's pretty simple, right? You can make any type of set that you like, just as long as the color that you have been ASSIGNED is the main color. Yep, that's the only rule :)

Here are some quick ideas that will give you a better chance of making it into the top 10 (these are NOT requirements): 
-include a quote or song lyrics that mentions your color
-make sure that each picture that you use includes your color
-if you make an outfit, make sure that the clothes actually match, and aren't just the same color
-use Polyvore's color option and add blocks or lines of your color
-if you're assigned 'blue', you could choose to make the set just LIGHT blue or just DARK blue, to keep everything consistent (yes, I know that my set isn't a very good example of this...)
-be creative and have fun!!

And now onto the set description. Remember, like I said, the set description is going to be just as important as the set itself!

In the set description, I just want to you to simply list out exactly 10 words that describe you. Don't use them in a paragraph or anything, just list them out! You can use words to describe your personality, looks, beliefs, likes, dislikes, etc. Please use EXACTLY 10 words, though.

Alright, that's about it. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Good luck!

Oh yeah, the assigned colors... here they are:
@eating-cheese-on-toast - Green
@neville-is-my-hero - Purple
@awesomeberry - Brown
@topaz-39 - Orange
@wakeupthedreams - Yellow
@fashionguru25 - Pink
@writergirl11 - Blue
@anneliese-p - Red
@africagirls - Peach
@the-des-bois - Black
@almost-infinite - White
@ev-1-2-3 - Grey
@faeriedancer - Pink
@a-quiet-dream - Brown
@poopdeloop100 - Green
@chomiczynka - Purple
@leapingfaith - Blue
@gloria505 - White
@proud-slytherin - Orange
@silver-sparrow - Yellow
@sydnyemisero - Black
@i-eat-zombies69 - Purple
@horsegurl - Green
@i-talk-to-trees - Yellow
@prestigiously-pink - Pink
@myfavoritecolorisshiny - Blue
@loveabbyxo - Yellow
@hmcr - Black
@cupcakes123456789 - Pink
@xoxorooney - White
@runamo - Purple
@india-davidson - Blue
@milla-starinac - Grey
@gorgeous0girl - Brown
@theoandclaire - Orange
@queenandruler - Red
@pinkpoufydress - Yellow

Boring, I know... ALSO, if you got yellow, I don't care if you do a gold... or if you got grey, I don't care if you use silver... and if you got blue or green, I don't care if you use turquoise... just try to use the general color :)

Okay, that's it. Let me know if you need anything!
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