Okay, EE was actually one of the best roleplays ever. SDF and EE are the only roleplays where I actually felt a connection to my character. (And hopefully MM). Not only was I able to use my favorite model, Yasmin is just pure amazing. I love herr.

So anyways, of course we're not closing for good, I'd actually die. I'll miss Yas so much, but when we open again, it'll be a new EE, with awesome new characters and loads of drama. 

Tuesday: Today is the last day of school and the first day of summer vacation. Pack up your things and be ready to head home. School will be back in the fall, and so will drama. Have a great summer vacation.

"GET ME OUT OF HEREEEEE!" I shouted, while running around our room like a crazy person, throwing sh*t in my suitcases, trying to clean up. There was a crazy manic killer out there, and I was /not/ going to get killed. I would not look good in a coffin, it wouldn't compliment my skin tone. 

"Yas, calm down!" Ara rolled her eyes, laughing. After a few minutes of running around, my phone chimed. Answering it, it was my driver.

"Yasmin, we have to go. You have a photo shoot in New York coming up in a few hours!" He said nervously in the phone. 

"New York will have to wait!" I hung up. Stuffing my phone back into my suitcase, I turned around, facing my girls.

"I love you!" I smiled, hugging them. We all laughed, squeezing eachother.

"Okay, bye! Gotta' go" I smiled, as my driver came into our room, picking up my bags. 

"Thanks Carl," I smiled, walking out ahead of him. Spotting Mari, Ro, and Oceane laughing and smiling together made me want to hurl. They disgusted me. Once I came back, I would be ready to ruin their lives, one by one. Then suddenly, I saw Lily waving at me. A smirk formed on my lips. I guess I would be starting with Ro. Though Lily kind of creeped me out, she was getting popular now at Easton. And I did have to admit, she was hot, so I'm not surprised the guy's were drooling over her. But I'm still hotter than her, so it doesn't bother me much. I waved back, blowing her a kiss.

Strutting out of the gates, I was ready to get to New York already. Easton was great and all, but it would be nice to be back at home.

It was a very memorable year, and I probably won't ever forget the good and bad times. 

But I can already tell next year will be even better, just you wait.

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