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  • MONSTER BARF PLUSHIE with Barf Bag monster hairball barf Purple no teeth
    I have so many monsters living here, that i'm constantly cleaning up monster hairballs, they barf them up all over the place, worse than a cat hacking up a hairball.. One day I discovered these barf hairballs had eyes and teeth, and they were actually living things.. As you can imagine they keep popping up everywhere and I just can't keep them all fed.. So I have decided to adopt them out.. These things come in all kinds of colors, and some of them actually have what looks like mohawks.. If you see a color you like and not the color eyes you want, please convo me, I would be happy to try and find the color of fur and eyes you would like.. These monster barfs are about 5" round, and they come in their very own BARF bags.. THIS PARTICULAR MONSTER BARF WAS MADE WITH NO TEETH, IT'S FOR ANYONE THAT IS AFRAID OF MONSTERS THAT MAY BITE.. Each monster is an One of a Kind as they are all handmade by me and I can't never get 2 exactly alike.. The monster you order may vary just ever so slightly from the one pictured.. This one is Dark Purple with Blue eyes. Monster BARFS are made with very high quality silky faux fur,they are stuffed with poly-pellets to give them weight and to make them soft and squishy.. Monster BARF bags are made from bleached muslin and are hand lettered by me.. Monster BARFS come with their very own adoption certificate with their birthdates, their name will be left blank for you to name yourself, OR if you would like to name it before it is delivered, please convo me with the name and I will put that on the certificate.. Please don't hesitate emailing me with any questions you may have.. Thank you, xoxo Bonnie
  • Stuffed Animal Toy
    10" Aurora Plush Pink Bunny Rabbit Lopsie Wopsie Easter Stuffed Animal Toy NEW in Toys & Hobbies, Stuffed Animals, Aurora | eBay
  • Starlight Strands Illuminating Fiber Optic Hair Extensions Rave Toy
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  • Old English Sheepdog Stuffed Plush Animal
    Any child will love to romp and play with the Old English Sheepdog Stuffed Animal. They will want to take it wherever they go, whether it's to school, a friend's house, or to bed to help them fall asleep. The darling Old English Sheepdog Plush Animal perfectly resembles this easy-going and loving dog. It's the perfect addition to any child's plush toy collection. This Old English Sheepdog Stuffed Animal is soft and friendly, making it the perfect gift for any child or adult dog lover.
    • Swarovski Crystal - Detailview: With Love
    • Crown; Made in chelsea. ♔
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  • Liana's Paper Doll Blog
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  • Purple Sunshine
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  • Aurora World 11" Ashford Teddy Bear Aurora World 11" Ashford Teddy Bear: Toys & Games
  • ::Toy Store Inc.:: Pokemon Gengar Purple T Shirt: Small
    Everything from gifts, gadgets, and collectibles to accessories for all ages. You can find all items Bakugan,Star Wars, Littlest Pet Shop, Nintendo Wii, Accesories, Games, Playstation Games, Nintendo Products, etc
  • Buttons the Little Plush Piglet by Douglas at Stuffed Safari
    Buttons the Little Plush Piglet by Douglas is ready to have some fun down on the farm! Our little piglet stuffed animal is durably built to provide years of wonderful play time and unlimited amounts of top notch snuggling.
  • GE Entertainment Death Note Plush Toy 7" Ryuk (GE-7050)
    GE Entertainment Death Note Plush Toy - 7" Ryuk (GE-7050): Toys & Games
  • Little Powder the Stuffed Snowy Owl Mini Flopsie by Aurora at Stuffed Safari
    You'll love Little Powder the Stuffed Snowy Owl Mini Flopsie by Aurora like a snowman loves a top hat! Measuring about eight inches tall, this small snowy owl stuffed animal has soft white plush fur with black accents and a bean weighted, soft body.
  • Doctor Who Adipose Stress Toy
    Baby Adipose from the popular series Doctor Who Squeeze this little chunk of chub for instant stress relief Measures approximately 5 tall Brand new in manufacturer packaging Official licensed product Don't blubber over the stress of your day! Take it out on this plump alien. Adipose will stick by your side through thick times & thin!
  • Sidney Koala Bear Stuffed Animal
    Sidney Koala Bear Stuffed Animal : The top stuffed toy from Down Under, silky Sidney has fuzzy ears that are made for nuzzling, an adorably sweet face with a felt nose, and a soft, floppy body thats so very easy to hug!
  • Hunger Games
    Hunger Games District Symbols
  • Stuffed Animal Toy
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    6" Aurora Plush Penguin "PomPom" Gray Stuffed Animal Toy 09789 Sealife in Toys & Hobbies, Stuffed Animals, Aurora | eBay
  • Ice Berry the Lil Sweet and Sassy Stuffed Blue Penguin by Wild Republic at Stuffed Safari
    How about getting Ice Berry the Lil Sweet and Sassy Stuffed Blue Penguin by Wild Republic? This unique and fun plush blue penguin is everything to everyone! Measuring five inches tall, our stuffed blue penguin has big, silver eyes with sparkles
  • Glow in the Dark Glass Sex Toy ON SALE
    Back by request! Free U.S. Shipping! Our glow in the dark glass sex toys are made from high quality Simax brand borosilicate glass. It measures 6.1 inches long, and 1.2 inches wide and the widest, and about and inch at the more narrow section. You get the same piece pictured. Glass is a wonderful material for these toys as it is non-porous and durable. It cleans easily, and completely. You do not have to worry about interactions with lubes, as it is totally non-reactive. You may not have seen glow in the dark glass like our before, and that is because we mix our own glow in the dark glass material in small batches. The glow pigment that we use is high quality, long glowing, completely non-toxic, and completely encased in the glass on all sides. It can be recharged again, and again, for the life of the glass, which with proper care is indefinitely. Sun light, lamps, and black lights all charge the glow in the dark pigment. Turn out the lights, or take it into a dark spot to enjoy the science. We ship in recycled packaging when possible with lots of bubble wrap at least twice each week. Glowing in the dark, or luminescence, is a simple matter of chemistry. Certain chemicals have molecules that store energy in them from photons when they are exposed to light. This extra stored energy excites them, and not being able to hold on to the extra energy, they will slowly release photons. This causes them to emit a small amount of light, and glow in the dark. Amy Larcombe Patrick Neary
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  • Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush Wild Republic Cuddlekin Three Toed Sloth 12" Plush: Toys & Games