11/17/2011 - CLUB DAY! Positions for clubs will be open as well as Quidditch try-outs! If you want a position youre gonna have to work hard and show what you got.

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I reached the field, as I had just changed my clothes in the white team shorts and a grey tank top. Nevelyn was already there, stolidly looking at some embarassing girls complaining about the quidditch uniforms.

"Neve" I grumbled while leaving my bag on the ground, "you are late, Redcliff" she said while handing me a club, "go on" she added, raising an eyebrow. 

"I'll use my own broom" I said while making a ruffled ponytail of my hair, "Accio Cleansweep" I muttered while an old broomstick reached me. Neve gave me a wry look. "I hope that dinosaur can make it" she laughed, tossing her head back and turning to bark some quick insult to a plump first year.

"Come playing with me, I get bored playing alone" I suggested her, jumping astride on my broom and pushing on my feet to spring up in the air. The feeling was amazing, the wind blew through my hair and the fresh air awakened me like nothing else.

"What are you waiting for, Lia?" Neve shouted me from her position in front of the doors, smiling widely to me. 

I grinned and nodded before throwing myself to nose-dive, the speed increased and I could see the ground nearing. With a quick veer I leaned to turn left and pushed the edge of my broomstick to stop. A tiny girl with bouffant hair, looked at me while I approached her and with a shove I freed the bludger she was holding tightly in her arm. The ball started to flutter in the air before getting me. 

Its attempt to buck me failed when I suddenly slipped away from its sight. "come one, I want to go home" Neve shouted, metres away from me. I smirked while the bludger shooted past me towards a fourth year, I leaned against the broom to pick up spin and went between the boy and the ball, with a stroke of my club I sent it directly in Neve's direction. 

Then, I immediately followed the ball, took position and knocked it again, this time harder to send it directly through one of the doors.

Neve glanced at me with a grin, "this wasn't suppose to happen. you are not a chaser, Ophelia" she stated with a disapproving gaze. "but I'll forgive your behaviour because I know how you like to show off your talent."

I snorted at her, bending my head to the side, "maybe you meant that you know how much I love to play" I replied, "hope it's enough, I have some other auditions to attend" 

Neve nodded, "then you didn't really want to play with me" she faked a pout, "enough, you can go" she said with rapid gesture of her hand.

I flew back to the ground and jumped down my broom to reach the changing room. "You have done good, Lia" a voice said behind me. I turned to spot Art leaning, shoulders to the wall, against the door of the warehouse. "Just lucky, I suppose" I said smiling, while letting my hair down and shaking them lightly, "I recognize talent, you know" she said smiling; I shrugged and walked on, "I hope to unseat you in next match" she added, winking; I grinned and opened the door, "Yup, I hope so too." 

While reaching my locker I smiled, it had been more enjoyable that I had expected, after all.

After a quick restorative shower I run to the duel club, which was desert, "everybody already went away" a quiete voice whispered from a huge leather armchair in the corner. A young pretty girl smiled to me, she raised to offer me her hand, "Lola Kelly, nice to meet you" 

I glanced at the hand and then lifted my gaze to look at her, "Lia" I just said. Lola with a puzzled look withdrew her hand and smiled kindly, "Oh, Redcliff, isn't it?" she asked while passing a hand through her hair, "from what I heard I thought you were a three-legged, four-eyed monster" she honestly whispered, assuming a pensive grimace. 

I stared blankly at her, "Everybody thinks the same" I took a brief pause before speaking again, ignoring the pitiful look she addressed me, "I have to go, I must apply for the presidency of this club" I said, thinking of my mother expectations.

Lola smiled again, "It must be difficult" she replied, placing her index finger between her lips and biting it lightly, "I mean, to fake such an attitude.. It must be tiring" she said again, walking to the door. 

I raised a brow and laughed, "you don't know anything.." I stated, blank, while tightening my grip on my bag. "However it's been a real pleasure, Lia." she muttered before leaving the room with silent pace.

Quidditch position - Beater

Top club choices:
1; Duel club - president
2; Potions club - secretary
3; Proditus United Club - treasurer (just because her mother wants to)
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