Casey Leslie - BH

Casey Leslie
Bio: Casey used to be very uptight and very much a rule-follower. That all went down hill when she entered high school and people actually realized that she was more than just lovable Chandler's twin. So Casey decided to make a name for herself, and took up her role as the Barton Hollow resident slacker, the exact opposite of her sister. She never does her homework, she never participates in any extra curricular activities, she never even barely gets out of bed unless she is forced. This gets on Chandler's nerves, but Casey doesn't care since her and Chandler don't get along all the time. In fact, Casey secretly envies her sister and turns that into annoyance and hatred whenever possible. Casey isn't your typical girl from the farm, and maybe that's why people notice her. She shares the same white-blonde hair as Chandler and the same striking features, but she's no identical robot. No, Casey has her own plans and they usually involve doing nothing. However, a few months ago, Casey was spotted by a modeling agent who stopped for gas in Barton Hollow. This agent happened to like what he saw in Casey, and gave her his card. But will Casey be too lazy to actually make something of herself?
Model: Daphne Groeneveld

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