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Name; Cassandra "Cass" Evans
Age; 17.
Hometown; London, England
Appearance; (Barbara Palvin) Cass has soft curly brown kissed curls, natural light brown highlights, However, she is a natural blonde, but she hates blonde hair, she hates people thinking she's a 'blonde'. She has sparkling blue eyes, that are pretty and piercing. She is 5'8 in hight, usually wears heels though, and weighs 5stone6 pounds in weight. She is naturally slim, a perfect body.
Personality; Cassandra is spontaneous, high class, friendly and outgoing.
Biography; Cass grew up as a London girl, and had a lot of freedom in her family. But when she was 12, her father went to prison. Cass was never told why, it's a mystery to her. She's 17 now, and he's still behind bars.
All she was told he would not be out for a /long/ long time. Her mother dosen't care much about her, and since she's an only child, she basically can do whatever she wants.
Clique choice; Whatever you think, hunny ;)
Would you like to be considered into an invite clique and what one?; I would love to, but i dont mind honestly
Other; Nope :) ♡

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