I drove up to Briarwood Prep in my white Prius and parked in my reserved parking spot right next to the auditorium. Why do I have a reserved spot there? Because I pretty much ran this place. I was a senior here, and everyone looked up to me, and my friends Sydney and Abbey. We were head of the performing arts committee, and we didn't wear that title lightly. I got out of my car and locked it and walked up to the door. When I opened it, I was engulfed in the sound of freshman and sophmores trying out for glee club. I walked down the aisles of seats and sat at the front with Abbey and Sydney as we corrected the freshmans and sophmores, 
 "You're an alto, not a soprano!" 
 "Don't hold your stomach when you sing."
 "You sound like a dying cat." Sydney and Abbey were fiesty this morning.
 "Ladies, chill out, I've got this." I walked up on stage and they ceased singing.
 "Good morning everyone. Abbey Sydney and I believe that you could use some work. How about you come up in pairs and we'll have an elimination round. One person from each pair stays, and one goes. Find a partner." I clapped my hands and everyone scurried off into groups.
 I clapped my hands once more. And pointed to a couple of scrawny kids. One was a short red haired girl with braces, and the other was a tall, skinny girl with a bowl haircut.
 "You two first. Sing Rain on My Parade." I walked back down the steps and sat with Abbey and Sydney. I pressed the button for the music to start and they both started singing. Neither of them had a talented bone in their body. 
 "Neither of you are through. Next! Pick up where they left off." I shooed the two girls away and another group came up. We kept eliminating people until we were left with 9. 
 "Congrats, you 9 are through. Meet back here tomorrow to start practice. Dismiss!" Sydney dismissed them and they all jumped up and down as they grabbed their bags and left. 
 "Do they know what they're getting themselves into?" Abbey asked surprised as we all 3 walked out of the auditorium with linked arms.
 "They have absolutely no idea. But be prepared ladies. Tomorrow we start our first day on the job as drill seargants." I let go of their arms and walked to my Prius, thinking of what song to torture the newbies with.

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