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  • Castelli Aero Race Full-Zip Jersey - Short Sleeve
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    Castelli Aero Race Full-Zip Jersey - Short Sleeve
    On the men's side, Castelli's Aero Race jersey has set the standard for race-proven, aerodynamic kit for years with other clothing manufacturers scrambling to keep up. Now, alongside version 5. 1 of the men's Free Aero jersey, Castelli is finally offering a women's version to wear with the Free Aero bib shorts. We like to think that the wait for the Women's Short Sleeve Aero Race Full-Zip Jersey was simply a process of Castelli using the men's side as a testing ground to perfect the product so we could start with the best. From fit to fabrics, this jersey boasts a pedigree steeped in racing speed with comfort to weather the longest of training rides. Castelli uses stretchy, lightweight, and breathable Velocity dry fabric across the front of this jersey that sits comfortably against the skin to whisk moisture away with fast-drying efficiency. This fabric also utilizes a tightly knit weave to manage laminar airflow over the body for watt-saving aerodynamics, which will, in theory, translate to less fatigue and more speed out on the road. The back and sleeves are made of 3D mesh, which is lightweight and dimple-textured. This increases the fibers' effective surface area without adding mass, allowing for increased wicking and an even faster evaporation. While we wouldn't wear it alone in the depths of winter, this does make the Aero Race Jersey appropriate for cool-weather applications as a drier jersey makes for a warmer cyclist. A band of compressive material around the waist maintains the aerodynamic, second-skin fit and keeps even fully-loaded pockets in place, eliminating the risk of personal effects and ride supplies bouncing or jostling free on an unforgiving surface. A full-length front zipper, silicone grip at the hem, and the complement of three rear pockets and a rear zippered pocket add functional elements of fit and convenience, while reflective elements help keep you visible when your ride adventures span into low-light portions of the day.
  • Castelli Riparo Jacket
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    Castelli Riparo Jacket
    Riparo Jacket - Women's
  • Castelli Prosecco Long-Sleeve Baselayer
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    Castelli Prosecco Long-Sleeve Baselayer
    Prosecco Long-Sleeve Baselayer - Women's
  • Castelli Cromo Light Women's Jacket
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    Castelli Cromo Light Women's Jacket
    It's OK to admit that cold-weather, the looming monster of fall and winter, isn't necessarily fun for cyclists. The people at Castelli readily admit this, and the Cromo Light Women's Jacket is the direct result of this dislike. The Cromo Light's combination of wind-resistance, thermal insulation, and the ability to unzip the former without compromising the microclimate of the latter are the cycling equivalent of torches and pitchforks, the perfect tools for exorcising the monstrous temperatures of cold-weather riding. The brushed, fleecy lining of Castelli's Warmer fabric constitutes the majority of the jacket's construction, with panels of Voile Whisper situated on the front and across the shoulders for wind protection. Warmer operates along the lines of any classic cold-weather fabric, striking the ideal balance of moisture wicking and thermal insulation. The Voile Whisper panels help with the insulation part by keeping the wind at bay in order to protect your body's microclimate in temperatures ranging from 64 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The front-panel separation of the thermal and wind-resistant layers is similar to Castelli's superlative Alpha Jacket, which lets you unzip one without unzipping the other. This means that you have complete control over your microclimate, regardless of what the weather and road are doing. You can unzip the wind layer for improved breathability and ventilation as the temperature or the road climb, or you can unzip both layers to quickly dump excess body heat. The sleeves are forward-oriented and the chest features an abbreviated fit compared to similar offerings from other manufacturers. This makes the Cromo Light feel a little tight across the chest while you're standing, but your body fills it out perfectly while stretched out on the bike. It sits close to your chest and stomach instead of hanging down, and the Warmer and Voile fabrics provide enough stretch across the back, shoulders, and arms to maintain a race-worthy fit ...
  • Castelli Potenza Jersey
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    Castelli Potenza Jersey
    The only complaint that we've had about Castelli's inclement weather cycling gear is that the women's models often come out a generation after the men's. That's not the case with the all-new Potenza Women's Jersey, though. We get the same wind-resistance, thermal insulation, high breathability, and water-resistance as the men do, but we get it without the wait time. We can't say the same for the professionals, though--Castelli tells us that many of them have asked for a team-branded version but, for now, the Potenza joins sub-15lb bikes and disc brakes as consumer-exclusive items. In an ever-expanding sea of options, the specific recommended uses for long-sleeve jerseys and jackets can become a confusing mess of overlapping claims. The Potenza simplifies this: It's like a thermal jersey+, adding an element of wind protection that breathes far better than truly windproof membranes. As Castelli puts it, the Potenza is "perfect for those spring and fall rides where you need insulation from the crisp, cool air, but you're not ready for a sweat fest inside a jacket." The women's Potenza consists entirely of a single fabric, Polartec's Power Stretch fleece, that's laid-out in a women-specific fit. Given Castelli's penchant for targeted constructions comprising multiple fabrics at strategic locations throughout the jersey, this relatively short ingredients list gave us pause. We found ourselves reflexively scanning the spec sheet for the inevitable "stretch inserts" that are often credited with compensating for the lack of breathability and inconsistent stretch-and-return properties of most foul-weather fabrics. We never found them because they aren't needed. Power Stretch breathes, wicks, and stretches more like a base layer than an outer layer, but its densely woven knit and hard-face finish give it the durability and wind-resistance of a light jacket. When hit with a DWR treatment, the result is a top that blurs the gap between thermal jerseys and winter jackets by...
  • Castelli Mortirolo 2 Jacket
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    Castelli Mortirolo 2 Jacket
    Mortirolo 2 Jacket - Women's
  • Castelli Race Day Track Jacket
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    Castelli Race Day Track Jacket
    Race Day Track Jacket - Women's
  • Castelli Indispensabile Jacket
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    Castelli Indispensabile Jacket
    Indispensabile Jacket - Women's
  • Castelli Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey
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    Castelli Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey
    Sciccosa Full-Zip Jersey - Women's
  • Castelli Trasparente 3 Full-Zip Jersey
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    Castelli Trasparente 3 Full-Zip Jersey
    Trasparente 3 Full-Zip Jersey - Women's
  • Castelli T-Shirt
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    Castelli T-Shirt
    T-Shirt - Women's
  • Castelli Chic Knicker
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    Castelli Chic Knicker
    The arrival of Autumn means sweater weather, mugs of hot cocoa, cozy fleece blankets, gloriously colorful scenery, and the less anticipated unboxing of dusty arm warmers and other low-temperature ride accoutrements. This year, leave the knee warmers in the box and step into a pair of Castelli Women's Chic Knickers on those early fall mornings that aren't quite cold enough for full length tights, but are definitely too brisk to leave your knees uncovered.Castelli fashions these knickers from stretchy, warm Thermoflex fabric, which holds a starring role across its line of cold-weather kit. Thermoflex's brushed, fleecy lining fends off the cold with cozy warmth and wicks moisture without irritating your skin. At the knees, Castelli utilizes an articulated shape and adds a second layer of fabric for extra warmth and freedom of movement, and the KISS Air chamois affords enough comfort for all your long-mile, winter training needs. The fit is snug and streamlined, making them ideal for both training and racing in cooler conditions, with pops of color to coordinate with your favorite jersey.Castelli recommends these knickers for use between 54 and 64 degrees Fahrenheit, but you may find them useful in a wider range of temperatures depending on the day's planned intensity.
  • Castelli Trasparente 2 Full-Zip Jersey - Long Sleeve
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    Castelli Trasparente 2 Full-Zip Jersey - Long Sleeve
    Castelli left the days of ill-fitting, poorly functioning winter cycling clothing behind long ago, and the brand now takes full advantage of the wonders of modern technology to create clothing that barely resembles its ancestors. The Trasparente 2 Jersey may have evolved over time from various boxy, stiff windbreakers, but you'd barely be able to tell by looking at it. All sleek darting and subtle materials, the jersey provides effective protection in tough cold-weather conditions while retaining the impeccable fit and comfort that Castelli is known for.The Trasparente 2 features stretchy Windstopper X-Lite panels on the chest and shoulders works to repel rain and block icy blasts of wind without feeling bulky, while Castelli's Warmer fabric is used on the back of the Trasparente to enhance its breathability, facilitating moisture transfer and providing insulation for ride temperatures ranging from 50-64 degrees Fahrenheit. Never neglecting the simple details that make a jersey truly functional, Castelli includes a full YKK Camlock zipper as well as an elastic gripper on the bottom hem of the jersey to hold it in place, while three rear pockets with reflective accents give you space to store ride essentials and help increase your visibility in low light conditions.In terms of fit, expect forward-oriented sleeves and an abbreviated fit in the chest compared to similar offerings from other manufacturers. This makes Castelli clothing feel a little tight across the chest while you're standing, but perfectly adapted to your body once you're stretched out on the bike. It sits close to your chest and stomach instead of hanging down, and the more forgiving stretch of Windstopper X-Lite means that it moves with you rather than restricting you.
  • Castelli Nanoflex Donna Bib Tight
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    Castelli Nanoflex Donna Bib Tight
    Gloomy days and looming stormclouds tend to shift the motivation dial hard towards the lounging on the couch in pajamas side of the scale and far away from kitting up and rolling out for a training ride. That is, unless you happen to have a pair of Castelli Women's Nanoflex Donna Bib Tights hiding in the drawer of winter cycling gear. When you need to ride and stay protected from the elements, these will get you out the door and keep you warm and happy through whatever wind and rain those clouds throw at you.The not-so-hidden secret to the Nanoflex Donna Bib Tights' success is right there in their name. They're made from Castelli's Nanoflex fabric, which is a water-resistant version of the insulating Thermoflex fabric. Nanoflex is coated with millions of nanofilaments to create a water-repellant surface, compelling rain and road spray to bead up and roll off the surface. Of course, the introduction of those nanofilaments doesn't interfere with Nanoflex's thermal properties, and the brushed interior not only keeps warmth in, but it also wicks moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable and dry.The bibs are made from breathable mesh that won't interfere with your upper-body layering with patches of extra insulation, and Giro3 grippers and zippers at the ankles maintain water-repelling coverage. The inclusion of Castelli's Kiss Air Donna insert ensures a comfortable cyclist-to-saddle interface with multi-density breathable padding that provides support where you need it, and minimizes bulk where you don't.
  • Castelli Chic Bib Tight
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    Castelli Chic Bib Tight
    Yellowing aspens, orange oak trees, and leaves crunching under rolling tires are nature's way of reminding us that bib tights and thermal fabric weather is just around the corner. Instead of lamenting this change, embrace the frost-dappled scenery and train through the chill in Castelli's Women's Chic Bib Tights. Castelli constructs these bib tights from soft, warm, and stretchy Thermoflex fabric, which takes a starring role across Castelli's cold-weather line. Thermoflex's brushed, fleecy lining fends off the cold with cozy warmth and wicks moisture without irritating your skin. At the knees, Castelli uses and articulated shape and adds another layer of fabric for extra warmth and freedom of movement. The bibs are made from light, breathable fabric, and the KISS Air chamois affords enough comfort for all your long-mile, winter training needs. The fit is snug and streamlined, making them ideal for both training and racing in cooler conditions, with minimal branding to avoid appearing overtly sponsor incorrect.Castelli recommends these bib tights for use between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, but you may find them useful in a wider range of temperatures depending on the day's planned intensity.
  • Castelli Omloop Thermal Bib Short
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    Castelli Omloop Thermal Bib Short
    The Castelli Women's Omloop Thermal Bib Shorts hit the sweet spot between shorts and knickers to keep you comfortable through chilly fall and late-winter rides when the weather is temptingly close to being warm enough to kit up in your regular bib shorts. With a length that hits right at the knee for warming coverage, these shorts feature a soft, laser cut hem edge that won't pinch uncomfortably as you move through the pedal stroke and allows a freedom of motion not always experienced with knickers or knee warmers.Castelli fashions the Omloop from Thermoflex fabric, a stretchy, breathable thermal fabric developed to insulate and move with you in the saddle, with a contoured silhouette that would be at home in a race or on your weekend training ride. The laser-cut leg hems contribute to its streamlined look, and airy mesh bib straps remain breathable and light under your layering system. As the Omloop counts itself among Castelli's top-end pieces, it comes built with Castelli's Progetto X2 Air women's chamois. A carefully constructed mix of multi-density cushioning, the Progetto X2's minimal shape belies its ability to protect you through long miles, remaining soft and supple over hours in the saddle.
  • Castelli Chic Tight
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    Castelli Chic Tight
    Autumn is one of our favorite times of years, with brisk afternoons filled with cozy sweaters, soft scarves, delicious mulled cider, and a new opportunity to perfect our cold-weather cycling kit strategy. When mornings get frosty and the temperatures turn chilly, stay warmly on point in the Castelli Women's Chic Tights.These tights are fashioned from stretchy, warm Thermoflex fabric, which holds a starring role across Castelli's cold-weather line. Thermoflex's brushed, fleecy lining fends off the cold with cozy warmth and wicks moisture without irritating your skin. At the knees, Castelli uses and articulated shape and adds a second layer of fabric for extra warmth and freedom of movement, and the KISS Air chamois affords enough comfort for all your long-mile, winter training needs. The fit is snug and streamlined, making them ideal for both training and racing in cooler conditions, with inconspicuous branding that blends in with any colorway of kit.Castelli recommends these tights for use between 41 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, but you may find them useful in a wider range of temperatures depending on the day's planned intensity.
  • Castelli Righina 13 Sock
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    Castelli Righina 13 Sock
    Autumnal adventures require something a bit more substantial than featherweight summer sock fare, but that doesn't mean you have to break out the super thick woolies quite yet. Castelli's Women's Righina 13 Socks feature a soft Merino wool blend that provides just the right amount of warmth to break the chill, while still offering the breathability to prevent any swampy shoe situations.
  • Castelli Core Tri Shorts
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    Castelli Core Tri Shorts
    Triathlon's a tricky sport -you're doing three dramatically different sports, and your time switching between each counts toward your overall time. The Castelli Core Tri Women's Shorts make transition a bit easier, with quick-drying fabric, a low-profile chamois, and even a feature called Speed Hooks, which mate the shorts to compatible jerseys for aerodynamics and comfort.
  • Castelli Leader Free Aero Bib Short
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    Castelli Leader Free Aero Bib Short
    As we approach the third anniversary of La Course and women riding in Paris at last, we're excited to announce a women's line of our Tour-themed Castelli collaboration. Whether you choose to ride with women like Armistead, Vos, and van der Breggen in mind or draw your ride inspiration from their male counterparts, the Castelli Leader Free Aero Bib Short gives you the chance race and train in yellow. Though most of us can never hope to ride the way our idols do, this CC-exclusive design allows us to show solidarity with the growing women's cycling movement as we work to earn points of our own on the local race circuit. Whether you've had your UCI card for decades or count yourself as a wide-eyed Cat. 4 newbie, the fit and construction of Castelli's Free Aero Bib Short makes a venerable companion when you head to the line to start your next race. We knew exactly which aesthetics we wanted on the Leader, but we knew better than to try and match the apparel expertise of Castelli, adding our graphics atop the brand's proven top-end race short. Outer leg panels of Vortex lead the way through the wind, using a dimpled surface to more efficiently manage airflow, while along the inner legs Forza, a Lycra blend, stabilizes your muscles to lessen fatigue over time. Both fabrics are extremely adept at wicking moisture away from the surface of your skin as well, moving moisture to keep you as cool and dry as possible while you fight for space in the peloton. We always admire a brand that devotes specific attention to waist construction in kit, acknowledging that it's an area that can have a key impact on our comfort in the saddle. Castelli altered its construction to accommodate women specifically, providing a streamlined fit to support your core and lower back as you spend hours stretched out in the saddle. Comfort was a key tenet of the Free Aero's design process, and it was the reason for the open bib strap design. An airy mesh bib and precise straps employ a minimal fit...
  • Castelli T1:Stealth Jersey - Short-Sleeve
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    Castelli T1:Stealth Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    If you think that your do-it-all triathlon speedsuit is all you need, well, think again. Castelli wind-tunnel tested the T1:Stealth Women's Short Sleeve Jersey against its own Free Tri suit, and found that the T1 provided an impressive three-minute advantage on a five-hour Ironman bike leg. The secret is in the Velocity fabric, which provides a smooth surface that allows the air to rush past with no interference. Standard Velocity, which is stretchy, cool, and breathable, is used in the front of the T1, while textured panels of Velocity Mesh feature at the back and shoulder, where most air resistance occurs. Counterintuitively, the textured weave lets air pass by with less resistance, giving you a smoother and more aerodynamic profile when you're stretched out on the aerobars. Castelli looked out for the details, too, such as an elastic waist with a silicone gripper elastic that keeps the T1 snugly sealed against your torso and a YKK Camlock zipper that stays where you open it, letting you pull in extra ventilation when you need to. Two side-entry back pocket provides enough room for food, tubes and even a light wind vest, so you can be prepared for inclement conditions without being slow and bulky.
  • Castelli Razzle Free Aero Bib Short
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    Castelli Razzle Free Aero Bib Short
    Razzle dazzle camo is far from a fleeting, of-the-moment trend. The artful naval camouflage evoking comparisons to the Cubist movement traces its roots back to the World Wars, but we've seen it in a few places its creator might not have predicted. Appearing quietly on off-season kits worn by the likes of Sagan and Contador, razzle dazzle is making an impact on the cycling world. We teamed up with Castelli to create the Competitive-exclusive Women's Razzle Free Aero Bib Short, introducing our own take on the trend that will do anything but make you blend in on the roads. While we had a clear aesthetic direction when designing this kit, we knew we were far better off leaving construction and fit to the experts at Castelli. We added the graphics atop the platform of Castelli's top-tier, supremely comfortable race bib short, the Free Aero, to ensure the short comes with the functionality to back up its eye-catching graphics. Though the Free Aero was constructed to be an enviable addition to race kit, Castelli's clear focus on comfort for the women's-specific design doesn't exclude it from becoming a favorite training kit if you don't race. Panels of dimpled Vortex fabric lead the way through the wind on the outer thighs, helping the short slice more efficiently through the wind, while supportive Forza fabric comprises the inner thighs. Forza's Lycra content establishes a stable fit, only further complemented by Castelli's contoured cut, that limits muscle vibrations to slow down the onset of fatigue on long rides. Castelli reshaped the waistband construction on the women's version of the Free Aero, ensuring it provides the right mix of support and forgiveness to your waist and lower back as you're stretched out over the saddle for hours at a time. Further, it used its most open bib design on the Free Aero for an unrestricting fit across your chest during hard efforts on hot days. The minimal design is made with airy, breathable mesh, expertly cut to stay securely i...
  • Castelli Razzle Jersey
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    Castelli Razzle Jersey
    Razzle dazzle may have made its first appearance as maritime camouflage during the World Wars, but unlike most from that era, the eye-catching design style has managed to stay relevant in the years since. We've seen its Cubist stripes appearing on off-season kit worn by the likes of Contador and Sagan, and unlike its original intention, razzle dazzle stands to make cyclists more, not less, easy to spot on the roads. We were so enamored with the design that we collaborated with Castelli to create a Women's Razzle Jersey to help you mix up your midseason kit rotation. As confident as we were about our aesthetic vision for the Razzle, we were equally certain that it needed an expert construction to be come a favorite in your training rotation, which meant trusting Castelli's Team jersey as a design platform atop which to put our graphics. With forward-oriented sleeves and a shorter torso design, the Razzle exemplifies Castelli's philosophy that kit should achieve its best fit once you're in a riding position, which may mean a slight sacrifice in comfort when you're waiting in line for a post-ride pastry. As this is one of Castelli's training jerseys, it follows a slim, rather than sculpted, silhouette, giving you room to move around in the saddle without losing its shape. Made of Castelli's stretchy Procool Plus polyester, the Razzle comes prepared to be a hot weather training companion, with a Prosecco treatment helping the fabric more efficiently manage moisture and dry faster to keep you cool. Other features like a full-length zipper give you license to take advantage of a brief, cooling gust of wind, while an elastic waist holds the bottom hem line of the jersey in place reliably when you stretch out of the saddle. Finally, three rear pockets provide ample space to stash ride nutrition and some spare change, in case you're in need of a post-ride frozen treat stop.
  • Castelli Flandria Warm Base Layer - Long Sleeve
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    Castelli Flandria Warm Base Layer - Long Sleeve
    There are countless weather problems that every cyclist has to prepare for during the fall, winter, and spring. For rain, you'll want a rain jacket that doesn't make you overheat. For chilling wind, you'll need a wind blocking jersey, instead. If choosing the appropriate outerwear is among the most important decisions a cyclist can make in the colder months, then choosing the right base layer isn't far behind. Happily for us, when the temperature drops to 10 degrees Fahrenheit either side of freezing, then this second choice is easy: Castelli's Flandria Warm Base Layer with Long Sleeves. The Flandria is made with a durable SottoZero Fleece that insulates and wicks. Dryer, after all, is warmer. Mesh inserts provide ventilation in the underarms, just in case you overheat, and the flatlock stitching and flat hems mean the Flandria will fit comfortably as a piece of layering gear. Castelli recommends it for use in 23 to 46 degrees, and, while this range may seem excessively broad, we find that the Flandria gets the job done in all conditions when layered with the right outer layer. The fit is snug and long, with an exaggerated hem and sleeves to ensure no gap in coverage between top and bottom, gloves and cuffs. It's snug enough that you can wear it however you need it: under a jersey in the low 40s, under a jacket in the low 30s, under rainwear -- whatever the situation calls for. The Flandria Warm's branding is less ostentatious than the basic Flandria jersey, comprising only a simple, non-stylized Castelli with no red scorpion logo. Chances are good that, if conditions call for the Flandria Warm, you'll likely keep your jacket or outer jersey zipped up the entire ride. The Flandria Warm isn't for showing off, it's purely for keeping you warm; however, it will let you accumulate base miles through the coldest months so that, come spring, your legs will be doing all the talking. The Castelli Flandria Warm Base Layer - Long Sleeve - Women's is available in five siz...
  • Castelli Sorpasso Women's Tights
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    Castelli Sorpasso Women's Tights
    As the seasons change, winter ushers in cold temperatures and shorter days. Get the most out of winter by staying protected in the Castelli Sorpasso Women's Tights. As Castelli's top tier women's tight, the Sorpasso features the ideal balance between warmth and anatomic fit. Made with Castelli's best technologies, the Sorpasso Tights are the ideal all day, cold weather tights. Cut into a woman specific design, the Sorpasso uses a graduated, soft, and non-restricting Thermoflex waist band for extra warmth and comfort around your mid-section. In the tights, panels of Thermoflex stretch to move with you like your summer riding shorts, but with the benefit of giving you cold weather protection. The fleecy inner-lining traps warm air next to your skin to insure you don't chill. Thermoflex Core Due runs along the front of the tights where you're the most susceptible to cold. Utilizing the same stretchy protection as Thermoflex, Core Due has the added benefit of keeping you dry in wet conditions. And regardless of weather conditions, it consistently wicks moisture away from the skin, pushing it to the quick-drying surface of the tights. Though the warmth of the tights is their stand out feature, Castelli's top of the line Progetto X2 Air chamois is what will keep you wanting to wear the Sorpasso for every ride. The top-layer is comprised of a four-way stretch material that's made to move with you as you ride. And to inhibit bacterial growth, it also has bacteriostatic and microdenier characteristics. A multi-density foam mid-layer, with variable thickness, places padding where you need it most. The bottom viscous layer sits under the ishial and perineal area for added ventilation in these high pressure regions. Combined, these layers work together to keep you riding comfortably on long days in the saddle. Camlock ankle zippers hold the tights close to your legs so they don't sneak up. The Camlock zippers also let you quickly ventilate by flicking the zipper up and pu...
  • Castelli Alpha Jacket
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    Castelli Alpha Jacket
    Winter riding can have its fair share of challenges, most of which can be addressed by the right combination of clothing and gear. However, we'd argue that trying to regulate body temperature while climbing is probably one of the most difficult parts of winter riding. After you sweat under your jacket during a long, exhausting ascent, the windy summit can quickly cool your body off, making the fast descent all chattering teeth and tense shoulders. Castelli took on the challenge of creating a jacket specifically made for winter climbing last year with the inaugural version of the Alpha. The brand received such positive feedback for the effort that the jacket is back, now available as the Alpha Jacket for women. Castelli uses the typical sandwich of a Windstopper 150 membrane and thermal insulation in the Alpha, but the decision to keep the layers detached is what separates it from more traditional winter jackets and allows for the temperature control needed while climbing. As you heat up, unzipping the shell to let in the wind exposes the jacket's thermal layer, not your base layer or bare chest. The thermal layer insulates while remaining permeable, letting the air in evenly rather than in a shocking blast of cold, and it's able to wick moisture away continuously as you sweat to keep you as dry as possible when you reach the summit. At the top, you'll be able to zip back up as you take in the view without feeling clammy and cold for the rest of your ride. As you begin that descent, you'll feel the benefits of the Gore's lightest Windstopper fabric, Windstopper 150. Though it's used as the shell of the Alpha, it's actually a windproof three-layer, four-way stretch knit fabric with a water-resistant DWR coating, so it doesn't feel overly bulky. It fits just as well on a base-mile ride as it does while you're riding at tempo or climbing out of the saddle, and the ventilating back panels mean that it doesn't trap heat. Overall, expect the Alpha to have an aggress...
  • Castelli Rosso Corsa Light Women's Bra
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    Castelli Rosso Corsa Light Women's Bra
    Cycling demands gear that's made for cycling, not designed for runners, hikers, swimmers, or trapeze artists. There are countless shorts, tights, and bibs out there, so it's about time bike-specific sports bras, like the Castelli Rosso Corsa Light Bra, became a common kit feature.Castelli's developed the Rosso Corsa in conjunction with pro racers, so it has the same real-world design expertise as your favorite bibs or jersey. Its focus is moderate support, to cope with the lower-impact demands of cycling, and breathability, to help fight off the sweat-on-the-way-up, freeze-on-the-way-down conundrum that can be the bane of your alpine rides. Firmly stretchy but not constrictive fabric provides comfortable support without allowing moisture to accumulate, and Tulle mesh inserts at the side, back, and front provide increased cooling and breathability. The straps are made from Giro2, the same soft, stretchy, and seamless material used in Castelli's top-shelf bibs, and the crossback strap design allows free shoulder movement so your upper body stays fresher and more comfortable on long rides.
  • Castelli Velo Jacket
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    Castelli Velo Jacket
    Almost as bad as getting caught in a storm minus a jacket is riding in a shell that retains body heat and moisture. Castelli's Velo Women's Jacket is a lightweight, portable solution that features a breathable fabric and ventilation ports to prevent a soggy mess. Sewn from Forcefield fabric, an exceptionally lightweight 30-gram, ripstop material that is windproof and water-resistant, the Castelli Velo Jacket is so light that you'll barely notice it's there. Additionally, the Women's Velo jacket is highly breathable and features covered ventilation ports on the sleeves and the back to exhaust heat and to prevent getting drenched from the inside-out. It should be noted that while the Velo is ideal for drizzle or windy conditions, it does not feature fully taped, waterproof seams -- if you need to keep a deluge at bay, take a look at Castelli's rain jackets. Cut with a longer back, the Velo jacket keeps road spray from dampening the ride. A high mesh collar keeps precipitation from running down the neck, and when the sun comes out, the collar turns into a pocket to store the entire jacket. It only takes up half a jersey pocket, so it's perfect to carry on "what if" weather days. Castelli added reflective logos and back tabs to the Women's Velo Jacket to increase low-light safety. The Castelli Velo Jacket - Women's is available in five sizes from X-Small to X-Large and in the colors Black, Lime, and Orange Fluo.
  • Castelli Mondiale Shorts
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    Castelli Mondiale Shorts
    With a featherweight construction and an impeccably tailored fit, Castelli's brand new Mondiale Shorts make an enviable addition to any cycling wardrobe. Featuring high end materials and Castelli's top tier Progetto X2 Air Donna chamois, the Mondiale is well-equipped to accompany you on your longest, toughest rides no matter where in the world you find yourself spinning. We'd advocate that function in cycling shorts is a crucial concern, but we'd also attest that style carries its own significance. We're constantly searching for the rare cycling apparel that's able to achieve both characteristics, and with the Mondiale, Castelli skillfully blends the two. An all-new proprietary fabric, Cinquanta, constitutes the main body, and its 50 percent Lycra composition allows for an incredibly contoured fit with next-to-skin softness that stays away from the realm of tight and restrictive. In a choice that embodies the ethos of functional style, Castelli added seamless reinforced side panels to the outside of each leg to provide more support to the hardworking muscles on the outer legs, particularly the IT bands. In addition to being a well-deserving place for added support while riding, this ultralight, form-fitting layer also creates a clean, slimming silhouette that integrates beautifully with Castelli's inclusion of a subtler version of its classic scorpion logo. Castelli readies the Mondiale for high-mileage days and long, strenuous workouts in the saddle with the luxurious Progetto X2 Air Donna chamois. The top tier Progetto X2 features multi-density foam in a strategic topography that manages to be supportive without making you feel like you're sitting on a pillow, and it's been anatomically shaped to move with you as you pedal and shift in the saddle. It's covered with a soft, micro-denier, four-way stretch, and bacteriostatic layer to facilitate airflow and reduce the likelihood of chafing and irritation. As a finishing touch, Castelli adds sleek, bonded leg he...
  • Castelli ALII Run Jersey - Sleeveless
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    Castelli ALII Run Jersey - Sleeveless
    Tri training requires a pretty significant amount of organization, and whether you're planning a grueling brick day or are heading to the track to work on your leg speed, you don't want to add gear complications to the list of things you have to think about. Castelli's ALII Run Jersey for women exemplifies the kind of simplicity you need when you run. Made with A-Vent polyester -- an airy, open-weave microfiber -- the jersey is incredibly breathable, so you can depend on it to help you stay cool while the sun beats down on you during track workouts. The fabric has inherent UPF 15 protection built-in, and Castelli employs a more relaxed fit on the scoop-neck design than what we usually from the brand, maximizing air flow and freedom of movement while you focus on splits, stride length, and your upcoming race.
  • Castelli Anima Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    More info
    Castelli Anima Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    The Castelli Women's Anima Short-Sleeve Jersey pairs a classic, minimalist aesthetic with moisture-wicking fabric technology to bring a big dose of cool style to any ride or race. With contrasting sleeve hems and a coordinating, bi-color zipper, this jersey cuts a clean line and showcases Castelli's impeccable attention to fit and details. Made from stretchy, breathable Velocity Dry fabric on the front and extra breathable Prosecco Strada Donna fabric across the back, this jersey sits comfortably against your skin to move with you without any irritating bunching or pinching while whisking moisture away to keep you cool and dry. Its full-length zipper provides extra ventilation options and makes for easy removal at mid-ride pit stops, and three rear pockets provide ample room to tote along a wind vest, spare tube, and your favorite mid-ride snacks. Silicone elastic at the waist hem keeps the jersey in place, and reflective elements provide increased visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Castelli Body Paint Tri Short Top
    More info
    Castelli Body Paint Tri Short Top
    Castelli's Body Paint Tri Women's Short Top has a tough role to fill. It's got to excel at three different disciplines requiring radically different ranges of arm and shoulder motion. It's also got to dry quickly in T1, maintain breathability and wicking, and minimize an athlete's aerodynamic footprint across the bike and the run. Since it's made with Castelli's Velocity fabric cut in a classic, abbreviated tri silhouette, the Body Paint Short Top manages to check all of those boxes. The material's high stretch allows for a seamless, painted-on fit that reduces drag resistance, and a Prosecco treatment speeds evaporation from the swim to the run. The shorter body also eliminates the bunching-up effect that other jerseys -- which fit well enough in the saddle -- tend to exhibit on the run.
  • Castelli Gabba Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    More info
    Castelli Gabba Jersey - Short-Sleeve
    Making the commitment to train through the winter can be tough. Depending on where you live, just trying to ride through late fall can be enough to make you abandon the idea of winter riding -- and then there's the issue of investing in a new winter wardrobe. If you're going to put your faith in one winter piece this year, make it Castelli's Short-Sleeve Gabba Jersey. Designed with Castelli's sleek, minimalist aesthetic, it's as comfortable in sleet and snow as it is on a freezing sunny day. New this year, the short sleeves now allow women to have the protection of the Gabba with the option of customizing their layering system depending on the weather.Castelli constructs the Gabba Short-Sleeve with its Windstopper X-Lite Plus fabric, which repels rain, sleet, and snow while shielding you from icy wind gusts and staying contoured to your body -- so you won't feel like you're wearing a ski jacket. Nano Flex fabric panels under the arms promote breathability and wick moisture for temperature control, and the extended back of the jersey provides you with additional coverage so you don't end up shivering in a soaked chamois after miles of wheel spray. You'll be able to store nutrition and ride essentials in the three rear pockets, and the full-length zipper has an included wind flap to keep cold air from sneaking in.In terms of fit, expect forward-oriented sleeves and an abbreviated fit in the chest compared to similar offerings from other manufacturers. This makes the Gabba feel a little tight across the chest while you're standing, but your body fills it out perfectly while stretched out on the bike. It sits close to your chest and stomach instead of hanging down, and the more forgiving stretch of Windstopper X-Lite means that it moves with you rather than restricting you. The women's Gabba also features a slimmer waist with slightly more flair at the hip. Reflective accents keep you visible in low-light conditions and the silicone gripper on the waistband helps en...
  • Castelli Free Donna Tri Shorts
    More info
    Castelli Free Donna Tri Shorts
    One could argue that the combination of aero- and hydro-dynamic properties will make or break a pair of triathlon shorts, and possibly the race. Essentially, it comes down to managing airflow, and coincidentally, the human body accounts for over 90% of aerodynamic drag on the bike and 100% of hydrodynamic drag during the swim. Castelli lives up to its reputation for creating wind-slicing kit with the Women's Free Donna Tri Shorts. By pairing a nearly seamless design with a low-profile, compacted thread Lycra, the Free Donna is nearly invisible to air and water, which, in turn, makes you faster. The integrated leg grippers don't feel like they're binding your legs, as some grippers can. They hold your leg subtly, so you don't notice them as you ride, run, or swim. Castelli achieves this effect by knitting the grippers directly into the fabric at the hem, so everything lies flat and gently grips your leg without binding or creating transitional ridges to create drag by catching wind or water. Castelli's triathlon-exclusive KISS Tri chamois rounds off the shorts. Castelli designed the KISS Tri to work most effectively while your hips are rotated forward in an aero position on the bike while trimming unnecessary bulk to optimize comfort during the run and swim portions of your race. The removal of excess thickness also allowed Castelli to make the pad wider, thus moving stitching away from the more sensitive areas to avoid irritation. A liner on the front of the shorts adds support to make you more comfortable during the run.
  • Castelli Ispirata Full Zip Jersey - Short Sleeve
    More info
    Castelli Ispirata Full Zip Jersey - Short Sleeve
    The Castelli Women's Ispirata Short Sleeve Jersey features race-worthy styling with a hint of Italian flair to brighten up any day on the bike. With contrasting colors and sleek paneling, this jersey boasts a contoured fit and high-tech fabric to keep you cool and comfortable. Fashioned from a breathable and fast-drying blend of polyester and elastane, this jersey whisks moisture away to keep you dry through the warmest summer rides. Structurally, it sits comfortably against your skin and moves with you as you change positions on the bike to avoid any uncomfortable pinching or bunching. Its full length zipper hides behind an external flap for clean lines, extra ventilation options, and easy removal at mid-ride pit stops. Three rear pockets and a separate zippered key pocket provide ample room to tote along a wind vest, spare tube, and your favorite mid-ride snacks while reflective elements provide increased visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Castelli Bellissima Jersey - Sleeveless
    More info
    Castelli Bellissima Jersey - Sleeveless
    Sleeveless jersey are something of an enigma in the cycling industry, often times relegated to sub-par materials and unfortunate paneling when all we want is a technical jersey without sleeves to mitigate those sharply defined tan lines. Castelli saves the day with the Women's Sleeveless Bellissima Jersey, featuring classic lines and Castelli's signature attention to fit and fabrics. Made from Invita Light stretch fabric with strategically placed mesh inserts, the Bellisima wicks away moisture and provides ample ventilation to keep you cool on hot summer rides. Structurally, it sits comfortably against your skin and moves with you to avoid any uncomfortable pinching or bunching. Its full-length zipper makes for easy removal at mid-ride pit stops and three rear pockets provide easy access to a spare tube, your phone, and your favorite ride snacks.
  • Castelli Sorpasso Women's Bib Tights
    More info
    Castelli Sorpasso Women's Bib Tights
    If Castelli is going to call its Women's Sorpasso Bib Tights the best bib tights it's ever made, who are we to argue? When you look at them on paper, it makes sense, although when you take them out for a spin -- that's where they win you over. The Sorpasso Bib Tights start with Castelli's remarkable Thermoflex Core Due material. This hollow-core polyester fiber material plays the seemingly contradictory role of insulating your body, protecting from the wind, and retaining warmth in the lowest temperatures, yet still allowing incredible breathability and stretch, and serving to help evaporate moisture that accumulates within, so you always stay comfortable. Castelli's own team of testers couldn't believe the temperature range that the Sorpasso's could comfortably accommodate. Castelli's standard Thermoflex material is used along the tights' rear panels, where wind protection isn't as necessary as providing a comfortable and supportive fit, while also saving a bit of weight and further promoting breathability. If the superiority of the Sorpasso's materials isn't enough, then certainly the comfortable, seamless Giro++ bib straps and the Progetto X2 Air chamois will seal the deal. Those straps mean zero chafing, and their wideness distributes their pressure over a wide area so you barely feel they're even there. That Progetto chamois is designed for maximum support of the sit bones (or ischial tuberosity), relieving sensitive soft tissue of pressure, while also serving to evacuate accumulated moisture from down below to preserve comfort and prevent soreness. The Castelli Women's Sorpasso Bib Tights come in five sizes, from X-Small to X-Large, and in the color Black/white.
  • Castelli Duello Jersey - Short Sleeve
    More info
    Castelli Duello Jersey - Short Sleeve
    The Castelli Women's Duello Short Sleeve Jersey boasts race-inspired design with a pop of Italian flair. With contrasting, checker print sleeve hems and a nod to Castelli's Italian heritage, this jersey features a contoured fit and moisture-wicking properties to keep you comfortable in the saddle. Made from exceptionally breathable Prosecco Strada Donna fabric and air mesh sleeve bands, this jersey whisks moisture away to keep you cool and dry through the warmest summer rides. Structurally, it sits comfortably against your skin and moves with you to avoid any uncomfortable pinching or bunching. Its full-length zipper provides extra ventilation options and makes for easy removal at mid-ride pit stops, while three rear pockets provide ample room to tote along a wind vest, spare tube, and your favorite mid-ride snacks. As an added bonus, reflective elements provide increased visibility to motorists in low-light conditions.
  • Castelli Rosa Corsa Socks
    More info
    Castelli Rosa Corsa Socks
    Stay cool and comfortable in the Castelli Women's Rosa Corsa Socks. Made from soft Meryl Skinlife yarns with bacteriostatic silver ions, these socks work hard to keep moisture and stink-producing bacteria at bay. Lightweight mesh across the top of the foot provides additional moisture wicking, while a midfoot support band eliminates slippage and bunching for a comfortable ride. A 5cm ankle cuff sits at a more traditional height than some of the trendier tall sock offerings, providing a respite from mid-calf tan lines.
  • Castelli Promessa Jersey - Sleeveless
    More info
    Castelli Promessa Jersey - Sleeveless
    Ready to tackle lengthy climbs and attack sprints, the Castelli Women's Promessa Sleeveless Jersey keeps you cool and comfortable on blistering hot rides. Its sleeveless design and mesh panels channel cool(er) outside air over your underarms for rapid sweat evaporation. Stratus Plus dual-layer fabric wicks moisture off your body, promoting evaporative cooling when the rising summer sun threatens to derail your midday ride. Other features include a heat-transfer Castelli logo that pops nicely against the jersey's brightly colored body, as well as three back pockets for handy storage and retrieval of your essentials.
  • Castelli Impalpabile Socks
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    Castelli Impalpabile Socks
    The Castelli Women's Impalpabile Socks all but disappear when you slip on your shoes to keep you cool over the miles. Made from soft, light Meryl Skinlife yarns with bacteriostatic silver ions, these socks whisk moisture away to keep your toes dry while fighting off stink-producing bacteria. A midfoot support band eliminates bunching, and a low, 3cm cuff is just tall enough to show a pop of color above your shoe without risk of those irritatingly obvious tan lines so often encountered with taller socks.
  • Castelli Body Paint Tri Singlet
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    Castelli Body Paint Tri Singlet
    The Castelli Body Paint Tri Women's Singlet is dedicated to providing optimal functionality for all three legs of triathlon with its fast-drying, highly elastic seamless construction. Castelli started with its ultra-lightweight Velocity fabric. This material not only dries quickly once you are out of the water, it also wicks perspiration away from your skin to keep you dry during the bike and run. Upgraded from last year, the back panel is now white to help reflect heat from the sun's rays. The form-fitting top features flatlock seams to minimize chafing in areas prone to abrasion, and the half-length zipper locks in place so that you're able to adjust the amount of airflow. Finally, two pockets, accessible from the sides, have been added to the back. The Castelli Body Paint Tri Singlet - Women's is available in sizes X-Small to X-Large and in the color Black/white.
  • Castelli Body Paint Tri Short
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    Castelli Body Paint Tri Short
    Having a clear head on the start line is essential, so you can't be sweating your gear before you even hit the water. Castelli's Body Paint Women's Tri Short helps you focus on the tough task at hand while supporting your muscles on land and in the water and keeping you comfy on the bike. Designed from a single piece of Body Paint Tri Lycra fabric, the Body Paint Short manages to leave seams out entirely, so you don't have to worry about getting irritated by a pressure point or imperfect joint. Its skin-hugging fit prevents your muscles from vibrating excessively, which helps you stay fresh and strong, and also moves moisture quickly from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where it quickly evaporates to keep you cool and dry. An integrated silicone leg gripper keeps the hem of the Body Paint in place, and the Giro++ wide waistband provides pinch-free support at the waist. The Kiss Tri chamois is cushy enough to provide support on the bike but slim enough to stay out of the way on the swim and run, and Castelli also included a single back pocket and its trademark "speed hooks", which allow you to attach a Castelli tri jersey to the shorts to form a sleek, gap-free layer to boost your aerodynamics.
  • Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Women's Bib Shorts
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    Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Women's Bib Shorts
    If Castelli's Body Paint 2. 0 Women's Bib Shorts feel like they were made for pros, it's because they were. Originally developed for, and exhaustively tested by, the Garmin-Cervelo team, the Body Paint is a sleek, form fitting, and moisture wicking piece of kit, comfortable enough to wear for day-long rides and fast enough to take onto the race course. To eliminate chafing, Castelli cut the shorts from a single piece of fabric, eliminating the possibility of chafing seams. Breathable, wicking fabric is also finished with invisible dimples, which reduce drag (think of dimpled golf balls), and has a wide leg gripper for a sleek aero fit that won't grab any air. Just as importantly, the seriously snug fit supports your muscles to reduce road vibrations, which lead to fatigue. The bibs themselves, which Castelli calls Giro2, are also made of a single strip of stretchy, non-binding mesh that won't dig in or cause sweat to build up. Even more important, though, is the Progetto X2 chamois, a women's-specific insert with a perforated foam layer to allow air movement and increase cooling and evaporation. The surface of the Progetto X2 is made from a seamless bacteriostatic fabric that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and the padding is a combination of multi-density foam and viscous inserts to take pressure off of sensitive areas.
  • Castelli Rosso Corsa Support Bra
    More info
    Castelli Rosso Corsa Support Bra
    The Castelli Rosso Corsa Support Bra is specifically designed to keep moisture at bay. The fabrics used help to constantly wick moisture away from your skin to the surface for quick evaporation. To speed up this process, Tulle Mesh is added at the sides and back. To ensure support, the Rosso Corsa is designed to support without constricting. The Giro 3 fabric used on the cross back won't dig into your shoulders, and the eyelet hooks at the back adjust to the perfect fit. The Rosso Corsa is recommended for C/D cups.
  • Castelli Evoluzione Knickers
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    Castelli Evoluzione Knickers
    Knee warmers, while useful, can be one annoying little accessory what with constantly battling to keep them in place and avoid the dreaded stripe of cold when the edge of your shorts moves above the warmer hem. Drop those wardrobe malfunction worries and keep your knees and thighs toasty with the Castelli Evoluzione Knickers. Made of moisture-wicking ProDry2Strati fabric, these knickers will keep you cozy and dry through all those chilly Fall and early Spring rides. The Evoluzione Knickers come with Castelli's Kiss Air Donna chamois, featuring soft, brushed microfiber that sits softly against your skin to eliminate uncomfortable chafing and abrasion. Its flexible shape moves with you as you ride to provide consistent, comfy support over the miles.
  • Castelli Regina Jersey - Sleeveless
    More info
    Castelli Regina Jersey - Sleeveless
    When the summer heats up, any extra material on your arms compounds the discomfort as you get toward the top of the climb. Castelli know this, and designed the Regina Sleeveless Jersey to be as full-featured as a typical cycling jersey, but ideal for those scorching summer days. And, Castelli even built in a bra top so you get to wear one less layer.
  • Castelli Gabba Women's Long Sleeve Jersey
    More info
    Castelli Gabba Women's Long Sleeve Jersey
    Wind will suck the heat right out of your bones faster than you can say "I'm cold", so a windproof layer like the Castelli Gabba Long Sleeve Women's Jersey is essential when things start getting crisp and breezy. The Gabba's Windstopper X-Lite fabric isn't just wind resistant, it's fully windproof, and is also finished with a DWR water-repellent coating, so the elements won't turn your ride into a freezing cold sufferfest. Sweat can be a problem on cold days too, so Castelli outfitted the Gabba with NanoFlex underarm panels, which improve ventilation and moisture transfer while simultaneously allowing easier arm movement. The form-following race fit, high collar, and dropped hem provide full coverage and sleek aerodynamics, and reflective details help you pop against early morning and late evening backgrounds.
  • Castelli Climber's Jersey - Short Sleeve
    More info
    Castelli Climber's Jersey - Short Sleeve
    Knocking out a stiff climb always sounds like a good idea from the air-conditioned comfort of home, but we always forget how punishing a climb can be when the weather's hot and the grade is steep. We might forget how much the last climb stunk, but Castelli has a better memory, so it designed the Climber's Women's Jersey to keep the heat turned down when the summer heats up. Castelli employs 3D fabric architecture throughout its line, and the Climber's features Flusso 3D in the front and Strada Pro 3D in the back. Flusso is so light that you'll hardly notice it, and Strada Pro is hyper-efficient but has a little more structure to support the three pockets on the back of the jersey. Both wick moisture and breathe exceptionally well to keep you cool and dry. Castelli also engineered the Climber's with a built-in bustier lining for comfortable support. AirMesh armbands keep your sleeves in place and provide an aerodynamic fit, and the 3/4-length zipper reduces bulk and keeps the front of the Climber's even sleeker and faster.
  • Castelli Fortuna Jersey - Short Sleeve
    More info
    Castelli Fortuna Jersey - Short Sleeve
    Castelli always nails the look, from their most entry-level offerings to their highest end. The Fortuna Women's Jersey is certainly no exception, with bold colors taking the lead, and strong secondary colors and graphics following closely behind. The jersey is sewn from Castelli's Prosecco fabric, which wicks moisture away from your body to keep you comfortable and chafe-free. There's also a 3/4 -length hidden zipper that allows you to dump a little heat on the fly for those really hot days.
  • Castelli Nanoflex Donna Tights
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    Castelli Nanoflex Donna Tights
    You can resist giving up your favorite pair of bib shorts for a few weeks, or maybe a month or two of fall, but eventually, your legs are going to need some more protection. If you want a one-piece solution to keeping your lower half warm during cold-weather cycling, Castelli's Nanoflex Donna Tights represent a sleek, highly functional choice. They have a built-in KISS Air Chamois so you won't need to deal with layering, and they are constructed with Castelli's Nano Flex fabric, which wicks moisture quickly away from your skin to manage body temperature. Water beads up and rolls off immediately when it hits Nano Flex, so you won't need a shell with these tights if you're heading out on a day with threatening skies, and Castelli used as little seaming as possible to eliminate areas where water could get into the tights. Castelli shows its continuous attention to the small details that contribute to a piece of clothing's functionality as well, using Giro3 ankle grippers to create seamless, sealed integration with your shoe covers, and including ankle zippers that make it easy to put the tights on or take them off. As a final touch, reflective accents on both the zippers and the sides of the legs help enhance your visibility as you try to pedal home before those early winter sunsets.
  • Castelli Velocissima Bib Shorts
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    Castelli Velocissima Bib Shorts
    Castelli's Velocissima Women's Bib Shorts are designed for long days in the saddle. From the supportive, low-profile KISS4 chamois to the Endurance Evolution fabric, everything in the Velocissima is made with long-ride comfort in mind. That Endurance Evolution fabric is a bit different than your typical spandex -it's moisture-wicking and compressive, meaning it keeps your muscles in place so they don't fatigue prematurely. This won't result in the dreaded sausage-leg, though, due to Castelli's intelligent patterning.
  • Castelli Donnina Rain Jacket
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    Castelli Donnina Rain Jacket
    Prepare yourself for everything from an all-day drizzle to a surprise torrential downpour mid-climb with Castelli's Donnina Rain Jacket. Small enough to be stowed away in a jersey pocket, the shell is made with Castelli's proprietary eVent waterproof fabric, with stretch inserts at the arms, sides, and shoulders that move with you as you're riding. Castelli includes fully-taped seaming as well as a Vislon zipper for full waterproof construction on the jacket, so you can ride in any amount of rain without worrying that the jacket will eventually soak through.Adding its signature minimal but effective details, Castelli extended the collar of the Donnina to provide additional coverage against the rain, and it lowered the bottom hem to create a spray flap. The other side of the waistband is coated in silicone to keep it in place as you ride, and Castelli ensures the jacket promotes visibility on brooding, rainy days by including reflective trim on all sides. When the downpour does start, make sure to seal the wrist cuffs of the jacket with the quick-lock drawstring, and put your ride essentials in the two rear pockets for safe keeping.
  • Castelli Core Mesh Base Layer - Sleeveless
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    Castelli Core Mesh Base Layer - Sleeveless
    The Castelli Core Mesh Sleeveless Women's Base Layer is a sweltering summer specialist, actively wicking moisture to keep you cool on the hottest rides of the year. This sleeveless base layer fits effortlessly under your favorite jersey, facilitating wicking and evaporative cooling with its open-mesh construction. In fact, the jersey's open-mesh polyester fabric uses hollow core fibers for ultra-fast drying when you're working up a sweat, as well as an ultra-soft feel with ample stretch to maximize on-bike movements.
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