Castillo Blakery D'Angelo

✧ full name : Castillo Blakery D'Angelo
✧ pronunciation : cast-ill-o blayk-er-ee dee-ann-ja-lo
✧ nickname(s) : Cat
✧ age : 15
✧ grade : junior
✧ nationality : Swiss
✧ hometown : Aarau, Switzerland
✧ family : Kristina (Vang) D'Angelo, age 36, Michael D'Angelo age 39, Rosalie D'Angelo, 3, Amelia D'Angelo, age 13 months
✧ short biography : Castillo was born rich, beautiful, to young expected parents. Her life was perfect,everything a girl wanted she had.
✧ secret(s) : - - - - Castillo's Mum isn't her real mum.
✧ appearance : Wavy soft blonde hair, with long thick eyelashes that kiss her perfectly complexed skin, with green eyes that dart around without one flaw, 5 ft. 8 in., and perfectly slim that lets every dress compliment her curves.
✧ personality : Flirty, Outgoing, clever, kind
✧ invite only clique preference : Elites
✧ non-invite clique preference : Lancasrer
✧ desire to be an alpha? : yes
✧ if yes, then why do you deserve such an honor? : I am very active, and have been roleplaying for over two years. You can ask my friends, I use much detail and understandable when I roleplay, and I don't leave anything you would need to know out. - - - -
✧ activeness : [ 10 / 10 ]
✧ anything extra? : I told you all you need to know.
✧sample roleplay : castillo d'angelo ✧ 15 ✧ you think you're at the top, but really there is more steps to climb..
I walked out of my red Ferarri and gently placed my foot on the rough bravel, my heels clicking against the floor as my dress flows behind me. I glanced over at a couple of girls huddled in a corner talking and laughing. They obviously wanted attention but didn't reserve it, so I kept on walking. I saw a girl gazing around with her dress flowing in the breeze at the ridges. I walked up to her and tucked away my hair and smiled gently..

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