So, a while back, I decided I had to read Dracula. The unaltered, original, proper-and-frilly English, complete Dracula. Because it just seems utterly wrong not to, when I am fully engaging in a style and musical taste thoroughly saturated with vampire and specifically, Dracula vampire references. I mean, come on, "Bridal of Rose" movie by Malice Mizer? KLAHA IS READING DRACULA.
So yeah. I'm not very far into it but I am enjoying it. Also, although Mana-sama and Twilight have us thinking vampiric beings are Beautiful and Awe-Inspiring and Sexy and Lovely and Breathtaking, Dracula himself, even though being the main character to push vampires into everyone's imaginations, is rather hideous.
#dracula #bramstoker #vampire #gothic #castle

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