“A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to prove you're a lady.” ― Edith Head, The Dress Doctor.

Every girl needs some dresses in her closet! They are good for fancy occasions, but dresses can also make good everyday clothes. If you do chose to incorporate dresses into your wardrobe, though, there are a few things to bear in mind:

-Cardigans vs. Blazers vs. Jackets: Many dresses are sleeveless or have shorter sleeves, but that doesn't mean they're strictly for warm weather. Pairing the right jacket or sweater with your dress is easy, though. The color should usually be a neutral color like black, brown, or tan, but colors are good options. If the dress is printed, you can choose a jacket that matches nearly or exactly with a non-dominant color in the pattern, and if it's solid or neutral, you can pick a nice contrasting color. Cardigans have a more relaxed vibe than jackets, and blazers are a bit dressier, but my personal favorite combination is a sweet floral dress with a tough, cool leather jacket.
-Tights vs Leggings: wearing dresses can be a lot more comfortable with tights or leggings, because they cover up your legs (and underwear) more. Leggings are thicker and warmer than tights, so they're good for the winter. In the summer, it's also an option to go completely without tights or leggings, which is especially good with maxi dresses (dresses with skirts all the way down to your ankles)--just make sure you shave! Even if it's really warm out, though, you should wear thin tights with your dress if there's a fancy occasion, like a wedding. Printed tights and leggings are fun, but you should (usually) make sure your dress is a solid color. Patterns on patterns can work, but one print should be larger and dominant (like a bold tribal print dress) while the other should be more subtle (like barely-polka-dotted tights).
-Shoes: Shoes can change whether a dress is casual or fancy. If you want your dress to be fancy, then nicer shoes like riding boots, heeled sandals, nice ballet flats and pumps are what you want. For a more casual effect, you can wear your dress with TOMS, combat boots, oxford flats, ballet flats (I know I said they're fancy, too, they're quite versatile), CLEAN sneakers or flat sandals.
-Belts: Many dresses come with belts, and many do not. Belts are easily added to any dress to emphasize your waist and create shape in loose dresses. I've found that skinny, neutral belts work best, but colors are fine, too. Try to wear your belt at the smallest part of your waist to draw attention to that, but not directly under your boobs. If a large end of your belt sticks out (because most dresses are not equipped with belt loops like pants are), you can slide a hair tie the same color as your belt and wrap it around a bit so that it keeps the end in place. 
-Other accessories: It's nice to accessorize your dresses, which can be done like any other outfit. Accessories add life to an outfit, but don't overdo it. Warmer-weather accessories include cross-body bags, mini backpacks, sunglasses, hair accessories, long pendants, bangles, anklets, rings, earrings, and other jewelry. Colder-weather accessories include scarves, beanies, handbags, earrings, and other jewelry.

These are a few brands, stores and websites on Polyvore where I like the dresses the most:
Charlotte Russe
Miss Selfridge
Rare London
Wet Seal
modcloth.com (I love using dresses from this website on Polyvore!)

Have fun in your dresses and stay classy!
Love, from eriN
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