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Jack hands out a beer to everyone but under aged Erik who gets a ginger ale. When most people think of celebrities going out they think of them going to wild dance parties with music blaring and floors thumping, but the "Pandora's Box" cast prefers the much more low key pub a few miles outside San Francisco where even Natasha doesn't care about her strict dieting plan for the amazing burgers. On one side of the table sits me, Natasha, and Erik- Erik loves to pick on Natasha every chance he gets and quickly swapped seats with Jack for the end seat next to Natasha. On the other side is Felix, Primrose, and Jack. Jack raises his glass into the air.

"I'd like to propose a toast," Jack states.

"I'd like to have a beer, but we can't all get we want," Erik mutters. We all laugh.

"Shut up, Erik," Jack quickly says. We all laugh again. "I'd like to toast to an amazing season six with out fabulous newest girl Mabel. I know this season is going to be a great one. To Mabel!" Jack declares.

"To Mabel!" The others chime. I catch Felix wink at at me. We all clink our drinks together and take a hardy chug.

"Also, to more kissing scenes between Felix and Mabel!" Erik jokes.

I turn to Felix. "Permission to slap him?" I ask.

Felix nods. "Permission always granted," Felix affirms.

I lightly slap Erik on the arm and he over- dramatically whines in pain. We all giggle. "As weird as it sounds you two nailed that scene, though; kiss and all," Jack compliments.

"Honestly, that was an amazing stage kiss for only knowing each other for about a day. It was so intimate and passionate you could just feel the vibes coming off of you two the whole time," Primrose adds.

Felix and I blush. "So Mabel, are you dating anyone or should I expect to hear about you and Felix dating soon?" Natasha asks.

Felix and I raise our eyes from the menus. Felix smirks. He knows he would have a chance if I was single. I giggle. "I've been dating my boyfriend Charlie for the past six years. I was the one who started the relationship by kissing him at a cast party during a game of truth or dare," I inform them all.

Everyone awes. "Does that mean we should be expecting a 'Pandora's Box' wedding sometime in the near future?" Primrose coos.

I don't hesitate to shake my head. "No. I've done more with Felix in one day in public than Charlie has done with me in public in six years," I, in all seriousness, explain to them all.

Everyone laughs, Felix a little more than he probably should have. "Wait, besides the time you kissed him at the cast party, how long did it actually take him to kiss you like I did?" Felix asks. I can instantly tell he's going to get cocky with it.

"A month..." I mutter. They all laugh.

"Wait, wait, wait, does that include the seductive side touching and your face touching?" Primrose asks.

"My face touching was the first kiss, I do that out of instinct, but side touching was not for another two dates at least," I clarify. I can feel my face growing red with embarrassment. It's obvious Natasha is snickering so much by the number of times I've seen tabloids about her one night stands.

The subject quickly changes when Felix realizes the song that's playing. "Guys, guys, guys... 'Piano Man' is playing," Felix announces anxiously leaning over the table.

I laugh. "This is my grandpop's favorite song. Every time I went over to his house for Christmas and all the adults were drunk, I would have to sing and play this along with every other Billy Joel song on piano," I state, finally deciding to get a basic cheeseburger. When I look up, Felix looks like he's about to pee his pants he's in so much shock. "Why do you look so excited?"

Primrose rolls her eyes. "Felix is obsessed with Billy Joel," Primrose informs me.

"I can't help it! He's so perfect!" Felix ogles. "Can you play this song on piano?" Felix immediately perks up.

I giggle. "No, I just learned every other Billy Joel song but his most popular song ever written," I sarcastically reply.

Felix's gray- green eyes widen. "Everyone move out of their row now! There's a piano in the back corner and Mabel is going to play 'Piano Man' on it!" Felix commands.

Everyone laughs and let's me slide out of the booth. Felix immediately takes my hand and leads me to the dim lit corner of the pub where a timid piano waits to be played. Felix is like an eager little boy jumping up and down. He pulls the bar stool out for me and pushes it in for me once I take a seat as if it's impossible for me to do on my own. Felix cues to one of the bar tenders with a curled French mustache to turn off the music player for me to play. Once the music stops Felix's smile is like a little kid at a fair for the first time. I take a heavy sigh before lightly playing the opening tune of "Piano Man". Felix nonchalantly leans against the old wooden piano in a classic Billy Joel pose and faces his audience of roughly fifteen people.

"It's nine o' clock on a Saturday," Felix surprisingly sings very well. "The Regular crowd shuffles in. There's an old man sitting next to me, making love to his tonic and gin," Felix sings followed by a quick cue to me to sing.

"He says, 'Son, can you play me a memory? I'm not really sure how it goes, but it's sad and it's sweet and I knew it complete when I wore a younger man's clothes'," I continue to sing.

"La la la, di da da. La la, di da da da, dum," We harmonize. "Sing us a song you're the piano man. Sing us a song tonight. Well, we're all in the mood for a melody and you've got us feeling all right," We sing along in the same format until I play the final low chord. Felix and I smile at each other while the entire bar claps and cheers.

"So you're beautiful and you can sing, play piano, are an amazing kisser, and you can act? Are you Wonder Woman, Mabel?" Felix asks.

"Only if you're my Superman," I joke with a wink. "And that was only a stage kiss, Felix. My real kisses are much more passionate," I giggle flipping my hair.

Felix keeps a cocky grin on his face. "How long are you going to keep telling yourself that?" Felix asks tilting his head.

My eyebrows crinkle together in confusion. "Telling myself, what?"

"That it was /just/ a stage kiss. You and I both know that there was some spark between us. Plus, I already know that I'm much cooler than Charlie, because I know all the lyrics to almost every Billy Joel song. Does Charlie know all the lyrics to almost every Billy Joel song?" Felix jokes.

I pat Felix's cheek. "You're cute, Felix. All of our romance is on the set and in character only. I love Charlie and that's it," I explain.

"We'll see how that goes," Felix mumbles with a grin and a wink.

I roll my eyes. I'll let him stay on float with that idea.

- - -

I lounge in the bathtub of my New York City hotel room flipping through the People magazine issue released today of the new "Pandora's Box" cast. All of the pictures are genuine smiling and friendship pictures. I've lived in San Francisco for two weeks now and I've already fallen in love with the city, the people, and everything that even remotely relates to "Pandora's Box". Two days ago the entire cast, and Charlie, was flown to New York City for the premiere tomorrow. We've been going to Comic Cons, meet and greets, and visiting tourist sights non- stop since we arrived at eight o' clock on Thursday. Charlie and I were permitted by Nigel to abandon the group for a day and travel around the city together.

We saw everything from the Statue of Liberty to the Museum of Natural History to the best pizza places in Little Italy I have ever been to. We just had the best French food I have ever eaten in America when Drew knocked on my hotel room door with the magazine gleaming in his hand before I stepped into my bath. The jets massage my back and I'm surrounded by lavender scented bubbles. I giggle at Felix's interview they took a week ago where he described me as, "Probably the spunkiest little ginger with amazing taste in music and she can always help you if you need a good laugh." There's a knock on the bathroom door. I peer over my magazine; I probably look as least attractive as possible so hopefully its Charlie.

"Come in!" I call placing the magazine on the table next to the tub.

Charlie walks in through the door and almost fakes a smile. "Hey Mabel," He whispers walking over to me. I tilt my head back and he kisses me very lightly on the lips.

"Hey, love," I say kissing him again a bit harder hoping he will be a bit more passionate, but he backs away to sit on the vanity chair. I tilt my head. "What's wrong, babe?" I ask.

Charlie sighs. "I'm just worried about the premiere tomorrow. Like, are there any scenes that I should be hesitant about or people I should watch out for?" Charlie worriedly asks.

My eyebrows crinkle together. "What do you mean? Charlie, it's just a show and the people are just people. You have nothing to worry about! What made you so anxious about this all of a sudden?" I ask.

"Well Felix Knight is in our suite living room right now and we were talking and he said everything was fine, but I just wanted to check with you," Charlie explains.

My ears perk up. "Wait, did you just say that Felix is in our living room? Like... right now?" I quickly ask.

"Um yeah, but..." Charlie tries to continue.

I rip out the bathtub plug. "Oh, no, no, no, no," I cry jumping out of the bathtub and pull a towel off the rack.

"Mabel, what are you- And you're naked," Charlie cringes and looks away. After a quick dry off I wrap the towel around me tight.

"Yes, I kinda don't where a bathing suit when I bathe. Don't act like it's a new view to you. I look absolutely atrocious and you left one of our guests in the living room alone. I'm going to get changed and can you just watch Felix while I get ready? It shouldn't take me that long," I state hurrying to the door.

"Mabel, that's not the-" Charlie tries to warn, but I fling open the door to see Felix tapping on his phone. Turns out I opened the door leading to the living room instead of my bedroom... in only a towel, no make- up on, and my hair in a disgusting bun.

Felix fights back hysterical laughter and does a small few finger wave to me. "Hi Mabel... That's a lovely outfit you're wearing," Felix snickers.

I cross my arms over my chest and my face turns bright red. "Don't laugh. Don't you dare laugh," I command fighting back snickers myself. Slowly but surely Felix and I break into laughs.

"Come here my ginger mess," Felix demands through his chuckles. I fall into his arms and continue laughing. We eventually calm down and smile at each other, me still in Felix's arms. Charlie clears his throat. Felix and I spin around.

"Wow, you two are... friendly with each other. Felix, have you told Mabel why you're here yet?" Charlie asks.

"Ah, yes, I forgot about that! Mabel Winter, I present to you your fitted premiere dress!" Felix cheers revealing my silk purple, short, tight, ruched, one ruffled shoulder dress for the premiere.

I gasp and squeal and jump up in excitement. I'm absolutely speechless. Charlie smiles while Felix cheers with me. "I absolutely love it! Oh my gosh... It's so perfect. Ilona did such an amazing job!"

Charlie eyes Felix. "Yeah, she's great. Her and Nigel are working their butts off to get their last few alterations done. I was just finished getting my tux all pinned when she finished adjusting yours. Nigel needed to get some more thread for Ilona so I decided to run it up to you. Well, I need to make more deliveries for Ilona," Felix pulls me close and pecks me on forehead. "See you later my Scottish Goddess!" Felix jokes hurrying out of my suite.

"See you around my piano man!" I jokingly yell out the door.

Felix spins around. "You are a flawless human being, Mabel Winters!" Felix responds still walking backwards down the hallway.

I giggle. When I turn around, Charlie is standing disappointed. My smile fades away. "Charlie... Why are you looking at me like that?" I worriedly peep.

Charlie sighs. "It's just the way you look at Felix... It worries me. We've been together for six years and I feel like I'm losing you in only two weeks," Charlie explains.

I hug Charlie tightly. "Charlie, you need to stop being so paranoid. I love you dearly. Felix is just one of my really good friends. No one can ruin that," I admit.

I pull him into a passionate kiss and he actually goes with it this time. I touch the side of his face and he hoovers over my side. I kind of liked my kiss better with the piano man.
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