"Still think you can live without us, Liv? I learned the hard way I can't live without you," Erik reads.

Primrose smirks. "Are you flirting with me?"

Erik snorts. "No! Why would I flirt with a weird, poetic, amazing... brilliant alien girl?" Erik asks his voice trailing off.

"Do I sense more dating Pandoricas in the air?" Felix whispers leaning over to Mabel.

"Shh! We'll just be heading out! I think Tim and Marie need us!" I lie. "Let's go," I whisper.

Erik sighs. "Liv, I'm crazy about you. Even when I was that dorky thirteen year old I was crazy about you- for different reasons, of course," Erik laughs. "I don't care where your from or what you've done. All I want to do is be with you," Erik passionately recites.

Primrose sighs. "Garret, you hardly even know half my story. You don't want to know me. You don't /want/ to be with me," Primrose cries. "I'm a freaky alien girl. The only thing that's good about me is you can always tell my feelings."

There's an awkward silence in the room. "Drew, I thought you said this script is finished. The only thing it says on the page is, 'Erik and Primrose do the thing we've all seen coming for the past year and a half. Primrose's bangs turn hot pink'," Erik reads.

We all laugh. "Yup, that's where the episode ends! Then the fans will all be on edge for a week and it will be hysterical!" Drew laughs.

"So is that a wrap?" I anxiously ask.

Drew sighs. "Yes, that's a wrap. I know you and Felix have a plane to catch," Drew states.

"Ooh, a plane to catch? Are the two of you flying to Las Vegas and getting hitched already?" Erik joke. Everyone laughs then laughs even harder at Primrose's obnoxious snorting that snuck it's way into her giggle.

"Nah, we're flying to Philadelphia and hang out there all day Wednesday then drive to Ohio at three in the morning Thanksgiving day to celebrate Thanksgiving with Mabel's family," Felix proudly informs everyone.

Natasha gasps. "Felix, are you going to see your family for the first time in years with Mabel?" Natasha awes.

Felix goes bug- eyed and shakes his head. We all laugh. I answer for him. "No, I've actually never been to Philadelphia before. I've been to New York City, but never Philadelphia."

"Who better to see Philly with than a Philadelphia native?!" Felix cheers.

Everyone smiles sweetly. "What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?" I ask.

"I'm having my first Thanksgiving in eight years without Felix there," Drew immediately responds. Everyone laughs. "But it's actually going to be sad without you there, Felix. We'll all miss you. We're going to my son Anthony's house. I'm going to meet my granddaughter Anthony and Jesse just adopted from Vietnam named Carolyn. She's seven months old and she looks adorable in every picture Anthony has sent me. Ilona, Nigel, and Sydney will obviously be there My second oldest son Joe is coming with his wife, two sons, and two year old daughter. My youngest son Michael is also coming and bring his girlfriend of the past eight years Cooper who Felix will forever remember as the girl he spilled red wine all over at Anthony's all- white dressed Labor Day Party when we first met her and Cooper's six year old niece they've been taking care of for the past three years. Oh yeah, Felix also flirted with Cooper and told her that her rack looked better than the lamb they were serving," Drew wraps up.

We all laugh at hysterically at the part about Cooper and Felix. "Felix, what did you do?" Primrose asks.

"Well, I was feeling a little low, so Drew gave me a drink to liven up a bit. Then I had another... and another... and another... and another. Someone gave me red wine, I think it was Anthony, because we were making a toast of some sort. I bumped into her and spilled red wine all over her. To make it better I said something along the lines of, 'I'm so sorry, but at least you have a rack that looks even better than the lamb they're serving'. Since Michael is such a good guy, he handed me over to Jesse who stuck with me while I vomited my brains out and then put me to bed. About two hours later I sobered up and I made up for myself," Felix explains.

"Did you throw up a lot around that time? I feel like every story I hear about you around then you're throwing up," I laugh.

"Pretty much, yeah! When I was younger and I laughed to hard, I would throw up sometimes. And by younger I mean, like, twelve. I would literally shout sometimes, 'Stop! I'm going to throw up if you make me laugh too hard!' My friends didn't let me live this down for the longest time," Felix informs everyone. We all laugh. "Anyway, what are you doing for Thanksgiving Primrose?"

"My family is making a traditional Chinese meal and my few family members that actually live in the States are coming over. Plus my older sister is coming over with her fiancee, so there's going to be a 6'1" German guy surrounded by 5'6" and under Chinese people eating frog legs," Primrose states. We all lightly laugh. "What about you Erik?"

Erik sighs. "All fifty- five of my aunts, uncles, and first cousins are cramming into my house for a loud and drunken afternoon," Erik states. "Natasha, babe, what are you doing?" Erik jokingly flirts.

Natasha rolls her eyes. "I'm flying out to New York City tomorrow to stay with my older sister, her husband, and my two nieces! On Thanksgiving me, my sister's family, my parents, my grandma, my brother- in- law's brother's family, and my brother- in- law's parents are going out to eat dinner," Natasha says.

"I didn't know you have a sister, Natasha!" I admit.

She lightly laughs. "Most people don't. We pretty much hated each other until she went to college. She's writes for 'Marie- Claire' magazine," Natasha replies. "Jack, what are you doing?"

"All of my family is leaving for Italy tomorrow! We want to do something different for once. We're all extremely excited," Jack says smiling wide.

Felix and I smile. "I'm really sorry, but we have to get all our luggage and head to the airport. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We'll see you all in two weeks when filming starts!" I call as we stand up.

"See you all around!" Felix calls.

"Bye couple we all knew would get together!" Drew shouts.

Everyone laughs and waves as Felix and I walk out the door hand- in- hand. "Can I just say I would prefer dating you over hopelessly daydreaming about dating you any day?" Felix laughs once we get in the elevator.

I giggle. "Can I just say I prefer dating you over Charlie any day?" I inform him. Felix smiles wide and pecks me on the lips.

- - -

I giddily sit on my knees and look out the window like a little girl on my first class plane seat to Philadelphia. I smile wide as I look at the beautiful lit up city from a bird's eye view. I look over and see a girl roughly Sydney's age doing the same thing as me. Her mother taps her on the shoulder and tells her to sit down like a big girl. I smirk getting away with it. Felix looks up from his copy of "Catcher in the Rye" and smiles at me. Up until two minutes ago I had been asleep for three hours and was woken up by the captain announcing we would be landing in twenty minutes. My eyes are glued out the window. Felix closes his book and stretches out before wrapping his arms around me and looking out the window with me.

"Are you excited a little bit excited, Mabel?" Felix asks.

I squeal and nod then sit like a twenty- two year old should. "I love new places. I'm only upset that we're only staying here for a day," I say turning to him.

Felix touches the side of my face. "We have two weeks before we go back to filming; maybe we can hang out in Philadelphia after Ohio," Felix suggests.

I smile. "I like that idea. I apologize in advance if my family questions you as if you're being held for murder when you meet them. They're a bit over- protective when it comes to me, especially when it comes to my second oldest brother," I sigh.

"Mabel, there is nothing you or your family can do that would upset me," Felix assures.

Unlike my plane ride to San Francisco with Charlie, Felix actually kisses me lightly on the lips. My face is bright red after our short kiss. The next day Felix and I do everything from visit the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Declaration of Independence, the Franklin Institute Museum, and eat Philly Cheese Steaks, of course! We had some spare time for Felix to show me his old school and church he used to go to. At three o' clock, Felix thought we were mindlessly walking down the street before going to the Philadelphia Art Museum, but I have a bit of trickery up my sleeve. Just as we reach the street corner, Felix stops in his tracks.

"Wait. Mabel, I walked this street every Sunday for eighteen years. What makes you think I'm going to fall for this?" Felix rhetorically asks.

"Come on, Felix! You have to!" I plead.

"Nope! We're turning around and going straight to the museum!" Felix commands beginning to stomp away.

I grab his hand. "Felix, please. It's been eight years. Don't you think you've been holding a grudge too long?" I sigh.

Felix comes close to me. "Mabel, they hate me. You don't realize how mad they were when they threw me out," He croaks.

I take his hands. "That's exactly the thing, though; they were angry. Think about how much they miss you. They're you're family and love you no matter what you have done. Plus, I'll be there for you," I reassure.

Felix sighs. "I really hate you for doing this to me," Felix chuckles. I smile widely. We walk down the street and up to a brownstone. Felix takes a deep breath and knocks on the door. Within seconds a tall and stick thin dark haired girl in a pink dress answers the door. The girl's already massive green eyes grow wider. "Um, I'm sorry. Is Mary Harris-?" Felix tries to requests, but the girl turns and runs down the hallway.

"MOM! BETH! TOMMY! SAMMY IS HERE! SAMMY HIS HOME!" The girl shouts down the hallway.

I turn to him and give him an I- told- you- so smirk. "Not a word," Felix commands through his clenched teeth.

An older woman who looks like an exact clone of the younger girl only with honey blond hair hurries down the hallway with a honey blond girl and boy behind her. The woman sobs as she walks to the door. She touches the side of Felix's face then strokes his cheek. "My Sammy," She almost whispers. She croaks a sob. "I thought we'd never see you again," She cries.

"Yeah, neither did I. When someone says, 'Get out, get out, and don't you dare come back' you generally take them seriously," Felix explains as the woman touches both sides of his face.

"I'm sorry, sweetie. You don't know how worried we were about you. Katherine was watching TV one night and she saw the preview for 'Pandora's Box'. We were all screaming cheers of joy when we saw your face on the screen, but beyond confused when we saw the name Felix Knight appear on screen during the theme song. We always watch the show and your sister Lily over here follows a bunch of 'Pandora's Box' blogs online and-" The woman tries to praise.

Felix cuts her off completely teary eyed. "Oh, Mom, come here!" He shouts throwing his arms around her and crying. After a few seconds Felix moves on. "Tommy! How have you been? Are you still playing baseball?"

Tommy can't help but smile a bit wider. "Good! Good! I play baseball for Wheaten College in Massachusetts!"

Felix claps his hands. "Congratulations! Are all of you going to college now?"

"You were there when Nicholas graduated from NYU, Adelaide graduated from Penn State the year you left, Phoebe opened her own florist shop and now she's engaged to this guy Matt who's a lawyer, Katherine graduated from University of Delaware last year, Beth is going for her master's degree at Montclair University, I'm at my sophomore year at Wheaten, and Lily is applying for TCNJ this upcoming fall," Tommy explains.

"I'm a late bloomer for the college life," The dark haired girl giggles.

"Lily! My baby sister Lily! You've gotten so big! The last time I saw you you were a tiny twelve year old now you look exactly like Phoebe!" Felix cheers.

Lily laughs as they hug each other. "Shut up, I have to hear that from Mom practically everyday. OH MY GOSH YOU'RE MABEL WINTER!" Lily shouts shoving past Felix for a moment. She covers her mouth. "Oh my gosh you're /the/ Mabel Winter. Mom! This is Mabel Winter! The girl who plays Reyna on 'Pandora's Box'!" Lily shouts.

"Hi! It's nice to meet you!" I greet sticking my hand out to her.

Lily looks like she's about to faint as she shakes my hand. "You're so amazing and so pretty! Is it true you're dating my brother? Sammy, please tell me you're dating her!" Lily begs.

"We respect you no matter what religion you are!" Mrs. Harris immediately shouts.

Felix chuckles. "Yes, Lily, Mabel is my girlfriend."

"And you don't have to worry; I'm Catholic!" I joke. They all laugh.

Felix turns to the girl with honey blond hair. "Hi Beth," He simply greets with a warm grin.

"Hi Sam," The honey blond girl shyly responds.

"How have you been?" Felix asks

"Good," Beth peeps. "Sam... I'm really sorry for what I did. I feel like this was all my fault."

"Beth, what's done is done. I forgive you," Felix assures.

Beth throws her arms around Felix and sobs. "I missed my big brother so much!" She cries into his shoulder.

Felix awkwardly hugs her back. "I missed you too, Beth."

"Aw, how about you two come inside? Mabel, you need to see some of Sammy's baby pictures! He was the most adorable toddler you've ever seen!" Mrs. Harris cheers.

"/Mo- om!/" Felix whines.

"Samuel, you are still the thorn in my side!" Mrs. Harris shouts.

Felix turns to me and smiles. "I told you she says that."

I giggle and follow him inside. The next eight and a half hours meeting the entire Harris family. (By the entire Harris family I mean every one of Felix's eight siblings, three of his in- laws/ future in- laws, and his dad.) They all told me a million stories about Sam Harris. It was weird hearing stories about Felix when he was still the family's little Sammy. The closest I ever got to hearing stories of Sammy is yesterday when he said how he used to get sick whenever he laughed too hard-- which did come up in the discussion. At 11:30, Felix and I stand up to leave.

"It was great seeing you all again... Eight years is a long time and too long of a time to be without family. I'm so happy Mabel talked me into visiting you all again," Felix sighs. "It's safe to say I'll be back for Christmas. For now, Mabel and I need to drive to Ohio in less than four hours. I'll see you all soon!" Felix announces.

"Sammy, son! Wait, one moment!" Mr. Harris calls hurrying upstairs. I turn to Felix and he shrugs. When Mr. Harris returns he's holding a small box perfectly wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper with a red bow on top. He hands it to Felix. "We were expecting you home for Christmas the year you left; that's why it's wrapped like that."

Felix unwraps the box and opens it up to reveal a shiny white gold Crucifix necklace. He looks up at his mom. "Is this my old Crucifix?" He asks.

Mrs. Harris sighs and nods. "After you left... Lily, thankfully, gathered all the pieces of it off the floor and saved them. We, well actually Phoebe, got it repaired a week later. We've held onto it ever since in hopes that you would come back," She informs him.

Felix takes it out of the box and holds it in front of him. He turns to me and smiles. "My parents gave this to me on my confirmation. It was massive on me until my sophomore year of high school when I went from 5'7" to 6'2"," Felix tells me. I laugh. "Do you mind helping me put it back on?"

I smirk. "Of course, I don't mind," I say latching the necklace around his neck.

Felix looks down at the Crucifix. "Still fits like a glove," He chuckles. "Thank you again, everyone! I'll see you soon!"

"It was nice to meet you all!" I call.

"Bye!" They all say waving as we walk out the door.

Felix and I walk down the street. "Hey Mabel," He says.

"Yeah?" I respond.

"Thank you... for everything," We stop in front of the black Mercedes we're renting from the airport. "Who knows how long it would have been before I ever saw any of them again? I missed all of them and all of them missed me. Even Beth missed me! I would have never realized that if it weren't for you! I always thought my 'Pandora's Box' family and Drew's family were the only families I needed in life. Now, I know need them more than ever. How did you know I would need them that much?" Felix asks.

"The day after I broke up with Charlie, after you left my apartment, I posted it on Facebook. My idiot oldest brother I never liked immediately called me and asked me if I was alright. I knew you needed someone to take care of you now that has known you your whole life," I recall.

Felix smirks. "I love you, Mabel," He confesses. "I'm sorry I'm jumping the gun on this relationship, because we've only been official for a week and a half but I love you. I've loved you since day one."

"I love you too, Felix," I admit. Then, in that moment, I realize what that feeling was I felt with Felix in the hotel room I had always felt with him, but not with Charlie. It was love. It was true, genuine love. He was all I wanted and more in life. Standing there with my Felix, my Indian Chief, my Locke, my Sam Harris, I knew everything was right and all the pieces were in the right place. Finally, I was where I wanted to be.
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