Catch Me If You Can
Su Ah's POV

I placed my hand on my chest, feeling how quickly my heart was beating.

Blue board with departure flights was threatening me with numbers and letters: it was high tine to check in and enter the plane taking me home.

I grabbed my suitcase and took few step only to stop and look back. Clean and white hall was filled with people but all of them were strangers; for me in that moment they looked like aliens from different planet and I was lost among them, hoping to see someone from my own race. Someone who could lead me to take that one last step and enter the plane as I promised to Lee Soo-man.

I looked around. He wasn't coming. The boy who changed my life. There won't be happy ending in this story: he won't come to stop me from taking plane. And we won't meet 8 years later, still being in love.

It's the end; he's on stage, I'm on airport. It was just an adventure, and every adventure has it's end.

...::Two months earlier::..

"Su Ah, take this to KiBum".
"Yes, sunbaenim." I took the plate with food from miss Lee's hands; I wasn't protesting - working as director's assistant's assistant in fact meant being everyone's servant. I walked on set, wondering who KiBum was: for sure not the light operator nor the cameraman. Also not the director nor his assistant.

With plate in one hand I stand between red chairs and observed all people on set. I can bet my wondering face wasn't looking the smartest as someone from stage called me "Yah, Kermit's twin, don't think to hard, it doesn't suit you."

I look up at blonde boy in pilot's costume on stage. It was Key, main actor in the musical we all were working on.

"I think it's for me." He pointed at the plate.
I clumsily climb up on stage which made the idol laugh.
"Such frog and can't even jump". He said with smirk.
"I'm not frog." I finally said. Talking with someone famous was still making me shy.
He place his long slim finger between my eyes; impulsively I stared at his finger and seeing smile on his face I looked funny.
"With such big round eyes you are undeniably some kind of frog." 
I pouted. "I'm not green, I don't eat flies and I don't live in pond, so I'm not a frog."

"Yah, you two there, stop flirting! Break is almost over."
Key's finger quickly disappeared from my forehead, and I could swear he blushed a little. And probably I was as red as beet.

For the rest of day we all worked on rehearsals but every time it was possible I looked at Key in pilot's outfit dancing ans singing on stage.

When rehearsal ended I was sweeping the stage, helping an ajumma responsible for cleaning. She looked very old and I felt stupid leaving her alone with cleaning; she gladly accepted my help.

Someone poke my shoulder: I was expecting to see her when I had turned back but to my surprise it was Key.

"I think you should give me your number so I could call case I needed frog to get rid flies from my room." He said handing me his phone.
"You have Minho sunbae." I said. But I took the phone and saved my number on it.
"See you tomorrow." He waved awkwardly; I wondered if he was always behaving so awkwardly or just around me. "And you seems to be better frog than Minho."
I smiled; it felt like compliment.

I noticed that cleaning lady stopped Key to said something to him. The both looked at me.

The same evening I sent him message, asking what cleaning lady told him; I was very curious to know it.

"She said you and me should go out and drink coffee tomorrow after rehearsal." He wrote back.
"You should know frogs have great intuition, and my intuition tells me you're asking me out instead of telling truth." I replayed to him.
"Then I'll tell you the truth when you will buy me coffee."

I smiled to myself. I wanted to buy him coffee.

I should update like 1000000000 RPs, instead of that I've started writing fanfiction:P Sorry for that^^
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