Catherine of Aragon

Catherine of Aragon was born in Spain and travelled to England in order to marry the English crown prince, Arthur. But Arthur died six months after their marriage and she was now a widow. Her father-in-law Henry 7th refused to send her back to Spain bacause her dowry had not been fully paid and therefore held her as a political hostage. But when the English king died his second son became Henry 8th who married Catherine - despite being advised not to. Together they where happy for quite some time and Catherine became a beloved queen. They had a daughter, Mary, and several other children but none of which survived infanthood - and more importantly no male heir. Henry became more frustrated with this problem and began courting Anne Boleyn and saying that his marriage to Catherine was invalid. After a long struggle Henry divorced Catherine and married Anne Boleyn. Catherine died alone and forsaked by her husband and was not allowed to see her daughter.

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