Catherine 'Cat' Hanna Hale | Two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead.

Name;; Catherine Hanna Hale
Age;; Fourteen
Hometown;; Edinburgh, Scotland
Personality;; Catherine is secretive and seductive. She is always popular and loved by everyone.She loves secrets, and uses them against people. She is smart, cunning and devious.
Biography;; Catherine was born in Edinburgh on a sunny autumn morning, September sixteenth 1998 at 7:58pm. She lives in a beautiful mansion, and has a twelve-year-old brother named Mike. Her father owns an Apple store {HE DOES NOT OWN APPLE, JUST AN APPLE STORE} Her mother is a plastic surgeon.
Clique;; Elites.

Credit for some of the items @kaleidoscope-of-memories

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